Party Planning Ideas for the Teen in Your Life

posted by Chris Valentine

Gone are the days when you could get away with themed birthday parties based on your kid’s favourite TV show. All you really needed to make them happy was food and a birthday cake, decorations, lots of presents, and some fun activities to do with their friends. Even if you liked to go all out, you probably still found that it was fairly easy to think of things to do at the party. But if your kid has become a teenager, you might be finder it harder and harder each year to come up with something new.

Does this sound like you? Keep reading for some ideas on how to make your teenager’s birthday party a memorable one, and hopefully even impress them and their friends.

1. Hire a Food Truck

No matter where it’s being held you can spice up your event with a food truck that offers up some delicious, high-quality eats. Street food isn’t what it used to be, in fact, it’s become a bit of a foodie’s paradise. You can hire caterers to bring a food truck to you and serve out a custom menu that’s perfectly catered to your event.

2. Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Teens like to act older than they actually are, so why not mix together some non-alcoholic versions of popular drinks? Check out this article for a list of yummy non-alcoholic beverages like citrus peach cooler, raspberry cordial, and a pomegranate mojito mocktail.

3. Give Everyone a Makeover

Depending on the theme of your event you could book some time with a professional makeup artist to come over and give everyone a makeover. It could be a fun way to prep for a runway-themed birthday party where everyone pretends to be putting on a fashion show.

4. Rent out a Movie Theatre

A number of movie theatres let you rent out individual theatres for events. If your teen is a movie buff you can do a screening of their favourite movies, or if they like video games you can also set up their gaming system of choice and let them play on the big screen with their friends.

5. Create a Backdrop that’s Instagram Worthy

Photo booths are a lot of fun at weddings and other special events, especially when the guests are provided with accessories to take quirky photos with. You don’t need a photo booth for your teen’s party, though – just let them use their phones for easy posting to Instagram. Designate an area for photos in front of a homemade backdrop that you can make with your teen so that it suits their style perfectly. Don’t forget to include the quirky accessories and maybe include some paper cut out of hearts and emojis to follow the Instagram theme. Click here if you need an emoji guide.

6. Good Ole Fashioned BBQ

You can also combine a few of these ideas (especially idea #2) and do a good ole fashioned BBQ, especially if you’re the type of parent that likes to cook and entertain. You don’t need to book any venues and the extra money saved can go towards some delicious food. Maybe you can try this brisket recipe and really impress everyone with your BBQ skills!

Ask Your Teen to Help

Growing up is all about getting to know yourself better, so be sure to include your teen in the planning and execution of the event. They’ll appreciate that you asked for their opinion and you’ll also get more ideas on what to do during the party that they’ll truly enjoy.

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