How to play Mini-golf

posted by Chris Valentine

Mini golf is a smaller version of the usual golf, played on remote green areas. You can enjoy it as a competitive sport in professional leagues or for entertainment purposes. The game is ideal for either families or experts, and winning depends on both strategies and luck. You will only require a golf ball and a putter and each course has unique variations. The objective is to complete each hole from the tee area in as few strokes as possible. Learning how to play the game is quite a simple task, and the following guideline will take you through on how to become a proficient player.

The Game’s Basics

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a coloured ball and a putter, and you need to place it on the allotted spaces for your initial shot in each hole. You will then take turns to push the ball towards the hole and count how many shots you take before successfully sinking the ball into the hole. You should always record the number of strokes you made to drop the ball in a scorecard and sum up the scores at the end, and the person with the lowest score wins. Also, hit the ball in a firm and smooth stroke to give it a better position to roll into the hole.

Before playing, you need to understand the game’s rules, for instance, the need to follow the markers strictly and the shots limit per hole. Remember to utilize your timing sense to navigate through obstacles that can block your entrance like the windmill.

Winning Techniques

Before you hit the greens, you need to come up with specific strategies to win. First, choose the correct mini golf putter; the top part should be around your belt level and your hands near the grip’s middle. Before making your shot, you need to carefully examine the bumps, obstacles, and raised levels to plan on your course of action. Land elevations and water bodies tend to affect the direction of the golf balls; thus, always avoid gaps or uneven spots. The border is a vital consideration as it determines how the ball will bounce off an edge. Once you’ve taken stock of the land, envision an exact spot to increase your accuracy while aiming, and draw a mental line from your ball to the site. At the tee, position your feet with the imaginary line and edge of your forward foot lined up with the ball. Finally, watch your speed as you gear up for success keeping in mind that the pace varies from course to course. It will help if you do some test shots to check the speed of the ball and be careful with the first holes. As soon as the ball is in motion, cut off the putt.


The game is enjoyed mainly by those seeking friendly entertainment and is also a competitive league in professional tournaments. The above piece provides essential tips and techniques to help you improve your playing styles to achieve your dreams.

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