ReadersMagnet – Benefits Which You Will Feel If You Read More Books

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are being honest, do you think that you read enough? Sadly for many people that answer is often ‘I should, but I don’t’. This of course is something that is very easy not to do, in a world of fast entertainment and visual imagery everywhere that you look, the idea of picking up a book and getting lost is something that so many of us fail to do. This is despite the fact that a recent study by ReadersMagnet found that the large majority of us actually enjoy it. There in fact a great deal of benefits which you will be able to count on once you start reading more, and here are just a few things which you will notice. 

Sharper Mind 

One of the first things that you are likely to notice once you start reading more books is that the speed of the messages between your brain and your mouth become much quicker. This is because you are actively giving your brain a workout when you read. During reading you are not just taking in these words, you are taking those words and then creating an image in your mind about what is being described to you. This is a great workout for your brain and you will certainly feel the results very quickly. 

Vocabulary Boost 

It stands to reason that the more exposed to a wider rage of vocabulary that you are, the more inclined you are going to be to use it. We all have so much vocabulary in our minds yet we so very rarely access it all as much as we should. Reading helps us to both learn new vocal that we can use, and more importantly it will unlock the range of vocabulary that we do already have, yet fail to use. 

Increased Creativity 

When you watch a movie you are being given the scene, this has already be made and designed for you, when you read a book however everything is being described yet the onus is on you to create a picture of the scene or of a character. This is why if 10 people watched a movie they would describe the same scene, yet if those 10 people read the same book they would all give slightly different descriptions with regards to what they have imagined in their mind. This helps you greatly from a creativity standpoint and you will find that in your life there will be an extra little creative switch that goes off in your mind. 

Talking Point 

The reason why so many enjoy reading books at the same time is that in doing so they can talk about it and discuss what they felt about the book and the themes that it discusses. Again, going back to the previous example, this is very different from chatting about a TV show or a film, because there is so much more nuance with a book. 

The type of book is not important, what is important is that you give reading a try again so that you can enjoy these many benefits.

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