4 Strategies to Help You Win Big At Football

posted by Chris Valentine

Football is the most bet on sport in the world and the huge varieties of markets and volume of games gives punters plenty of opportunities to make some significant profits from these games. There are, as with many sports, some great strategies which you can employ when betting on football, that can greatly improve your chances of winning.

If you love to bet on the football but haven’t been winning much of late, perhaps you are going about things the wrong way, let’s take a look at some strategies which have worked very well for many professional gamblers.

Over 0.5 Goals

In-play betting is a great way of making some money and through in-play, you can put your money into the over 0.5 goals strategy. The amount of games which reach 60-70 minutes with no goals scored, and then finish with at least a goal is incredibly high and if you are smart, you can benefit from a late goal. Check around at half time to see what games are 0-0, keep an eye on them in the second half and then hold your nerve for as long as you can, before finding great odds for a solitary goal. Many of these strategies work well when you bet high on low odds and over 0.5 goals certainly falls within that category.

From Behind

If you fancy the odd long shot then keep an eye out for top teams that fall behind during the game. The big boys of Europe such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona and PSG are all susceptible to conceding a goal, but all have the strike power to overcome it and win. Keep your eyes on all of the scores throughout the game and as soon as a big boy goes behind, put your money on them. If more than 1 team goes behind, don’t be frightened to put a double on with a low stake.

Result and Both Teams to Score

With this bet, I would ignore the French and Italian leagues and focus on the Premier League or La Liga. The key to the bet is to select 3 matches, or more if you are feeling lucky, where you will select the winner of the game where both teams score. A 2-1, 3-1 or 3-2 victory is not a rare event in these leagues and if you can select right, you could be in for some big returns. The addition of BTTS really helps the odds to skyrocket and some trebles can be worth 100-1 or more.

Low Odds, Big Investment

Finally, if you want to win big on betting, the best way to do so is over a long period of time rather than trying to hit the jackpot. Instead of placing a pound on a 33,000 – 1 longshot accumulator, why not instead look to start with £10, invest in odds of around 1.33 and build your cash pot. If you were to bet on 10 1.33 odds in a row, with an initial investment of £10 and then re-invest the winnings, you would be sitting on  over £1,000. Play the long game and you will win far more often than lose.

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