Fifty Shades Darker: What to expect in 2017

posted by Chris Valentine

To say that Fifty Shades of Grey took the box office by storm would be something of an understatement. The fact that it had a budget of just $40m, yet made over $570m, speaks volumes about just how it performed throughout the world.


Ultimately, it means there is plenty of anticipation ahead of Fifty Shades Darker – a film which is being eagerly awaited by critics such as David Berkowitz Chicago, who are intrigued to see just what the makers will conjure up the second time around.

While early trailers have been released, it’s worth taking a look at some of the most commonly asked questions associated with the movie and just what we should expect when it finally does hit our screens next year.

Who’s made the cut?

This is probably the big question on the tip of most fans’ tongues. There was huge speculation as to whether or not Jamie Dornan would reprise his role as Christian Grey, with all sorts of rumors circulating as possible reasons why he might not continue. In the end, all such reports were false.

Dornan is back, as is Dakota Johnson who will again play Anastasia.

Elsewhere, many of the other existing members have stayed on. Rita Ora will reprise her role as one of Christian’s siblings, with fans hoping that this time she perhaps gets several more lines than her short stint in the first movie. Hugh Dancy, Marcia Gay Harden, Luke Grimes and Eloise Mumford are some of the other names who are coming back as well.

Who’s in charge?

As well as rumors surrounding Dornan’s return, there was also plenty of speculation about director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Unfortunately, this is one of the members of the original team who won’t be coming back, with reports suggesting that she disagreed with author EL James on the direction of this movie.

In her place steps James Foley. This is a man who was behind House of Cards, so he has received plenty of plaudits over recent times.

Another interesting behind-the-scenes member is Niall Leonard – who happens to be the husband of EL James. He comes in to replace Kelly Marcel and the fact that he has worked on Wire In The Blood and Wild At Heart has convinced many that he’s a perfectly suitable replacement.

Where’s it being filmed?

There are no changes in relation to the filming location, with the bulk of it taking place in Vancouver. In fact, the crew are even putting together the Fifty Shades Freed movie at the same time – so everything is based in the same location.

What’s the release date?

For a movie of this ilk, the release date couldn’t be more apt. It’s been penciled in for February 10th in 2017, meaning that the creators have timed everything perfectly for Valentine’s Day. Funnily enough, similar release tactics were used for the previous movie – and that certainly didn’t turn out badly! The countdown begins.

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