Top UK Apps for 2018

posted by Chris Valentine

Technology is always changing and every few days, it seems, a new app appears on our radar that is supposed to make life easier, more social and just better overall. But it’s hard to filter through the hundreds of thousands of apps out there to know what is truly useful and functioning well. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of our top useful apps, so all you need to do is open your app store and start downloading.

Apps That Make You Money

The average smartphone owner spends hours a day on their phone – why not use some of that time to make a bit of cash? There are some really great apps out there that allow you to make money on the go. Apps like Surveys on the Go or Swagbucks have been around for a few years, asking users to complete surveys on all sorts of odd things – entertainment, technology, news – in exchange for cash. Google has created its own version: Google Opinion Rewards,that is full of very quick surveys which reward you in Play credits. Another top contender in the money making app category are online gaming apps, the best of which can be found on http://www.gamblingappstore.net/. For users that want something really simple, download Slidejoy, an app that pays you simply for allowing ads on your phone (no engagement required).

Apps That Help You Stay Social

Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp… there are a million social apps out there to keep you connected to those you love – and those you don’t even really know. Now there’s a way you can manage them all: Snowball. This clever app unites all your social apps into one notification system – Snapchat, Hangouts, Twitter, your favourite music apps, even game alerts – can all be managed with quick and clever functions through Snowball.

Another clever app that help you stay on top of the social scene is On Second Thought. Essentially an ‘undo’ button for text messages, this smart app delays the sending of text messages (you decide how long for) so you can delete messages before they send. No more heated text fights where you can’t take back something said in anger, no more drunk messaging exes or accidental messages to the wrong person. Thank you, On Second Thought, thank you.

Apps That Make Your Phone Better For You

With so many great apps to have on your phone, you need to make sure your phone is functioning to the best of it’s ability. Avast Antivirus & Security is one of our top picks for protecting your phone. This free app not only keeps all your secure content on lockdown, it has clever functions like the Wi-Fi Finder that finds free Wi-Fi, Cleanup to free-up memory and a Battery Saver to prolong your phone’s life. What’s not to love? And with all those different apps on your phone, password management is as important as ever. With the LastPass Password Manager, you can securely store all your passwords in one locked location. Gone are the days of re-making passwords every time you log into that odd account every other month.

Finally, these apps are here to make your phone time more fun, more efficient, more useful, but extensive phone use has been known to disturb circadian rhythms… enter: Twilight. The app that reduces the omitting of blue light from your phone to help you sleep better and stay more alert in the day. With Twilight you and your phone are both equipped for everything your mobile has to offer.

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