How to Mix Your E-Juice Like A Pro

posted by Chris Valentine

Vaping is about the experience. It’s about getting it right. And it all starts with how you mix your juice. Mixing with precision will give you a superior vaping experience. Do it like a master and enjoy the best effects. The following article will dive you into the tips and tricks you need to take your vaping experience to a new level.


Steeping or curing is typically an important element of DIY. Any vaper will agree that only a few mixes tend to be good right after mixing. But of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. After steeping, your juices can actually turn phenomenal. So try allowing the process to run its course and you’ll definitely enjoy the outcome!

If it’s perfect straight away, you can leave it at that- but expect significant changes after some time. If they flavoring features any type of alcohol, you may want to consider leaving the cap off for about 24 hours. Shake the mix several times a day, and keep it in a cool dark place. For best results, wait a couple of days before you can use your juice. Steeping is all about patience and time, remember.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Some people have also reported that putting your e-juice bottles inside an ultrasonic cleaner works like magic. These are commonly utilized for cleaning jewelry. And getting one with heating capability will even make the process simpler and faster.

With such an ultrasonic cleaner, e-liquid that normally gets steeped in 14 days only takes 2 days. In short, the heated cleaner stimulates a 3-week steep in just 12-24 cycles of eight minutes. Any vaper will definitely buy into this idea- it is simple, efficient, and highly reliable.


Alternatively, you can opt to microwave your mixed liquid for about 3 seconds, followed by thorough shaking until it’s cooled down. Repeat the procedure a few times but be keen not to leave it inside the microwave for too long.

Coloring isn’t necessary. But if you seriously want to incorporate some color into your e-juice, do extensive research and add something that’s safe to vape. Bear in mind that coloring could end up dirtying your atomizer.

Generally speaking, darker juices tend to gunk up the atomizer more rapidly than clear liquids. So, always be hesitant of darker or opaque liquids. Only go for clear liquids as they tend to be more efficient and won’t damage your atomizer.

Hot rice bath

Another incredible way is to heat a bowl of dry rice using your microwave and place the bottles in the middle of the rice. And once it’s completely cooled, shake it over and over again. Though simple, this method yields the best mixes ever!

The Bottom-Line

Knowing how to mix your e-juice is very important. It will help you experiment with different flavors and always take pleasure in delicious puffs. But without the right strategies at your fingertips, this may not always be an easy thing to do. Get a genuine e-juice from https://blazedvapes.com/ and vape with confidence.

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