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Not only the horse is important in racing, but also the trainer and the jockey. Here is the list of the jockeys who made the history of the Grand National


The experienced gamblers who make wagers on horse racing take into account not only horses but also jockeys and trainers. Most horse trainers usually start their career as jockeys at a young age and dedicate all their life to races. The Grand National has many names that made the history of horse racing in the UK. If you are planning to gamble this year, here you can find the Grand National Horses Tips. Don’t forget to see who will be riding your favourite horse. And here is the list of the most brilliant jockeys throughout the history of Grand National.

Tom Oliver

The legendary Tom Oliver was a jockey and horse trainer of the 19th century, who won three Grand Nationals. His personality was also a central figure for many rumours and scandals, due to his explosive and at the same time generous temper, constant debts and intrigues with women. Tom Oliver was also known as “Black Tom” for his dark hair and tanned skin appearance. Most probably he was a descendant of a Spanish Gipsy family.  He will always be remembered as a bright figure of horse racing in the UK.

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Tony McCoy

Northern Ireland-born jockey Tony McCoy (also known as AP McCoy) is probably the most heard name in modern horse racing, as he participated in over 20 Grand Nationals in a row. This means beating the record of Thomas Oliver, who had the experience of 19 National races. Tony also used to have problems with debts and spent some time in debtor’s prison, although much less scandalous than Oliver. McCoy is known as the most experienced Grand National Jockey.

George Stevens

George Stevens is probably the brightest star of the Grand National, who won five Grand Nationals. Stevens began his career as a teenager and dedicated all his life to horses. He died in 1871 due to a skull fracture, caused by an unlucky fall from his horse as he was riding home.

Other important names

Dick Saunders is known as the oldest winner of Grand National (he was 42). Charlotte Brew was the first female jockey on the Grand National in 1977. Although her horse fell and she could not complete the race, she made a revolution in horse racing. After her debut, 14 female jockeys more participated in Grand National. 

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