Legalize It: Gambling

posted by Chris Valentine

Gambling: just Legalize It

Some might be surprised to learn that gambling wasn’t outlawed in America until 1833 when temperance movements decried it as an immoral activity. These religious groups moved swiftly, and gambling was deemed illegal in all forms just seven years later. The bans were so severe that most states even ousted lotteries. Every state has its own lottery today but that hasn’t lifted the stigma from gambling. Some detractors may say that anyone bet the house at their nearest casino so why should anyone even care. Alternatively, they might add that those whom want to gamble can visit sites like casinoonline.com.de/ to get their fix. Why is it okay to have gambling in some forms but not in others? The logic is pretty thin because gambling is actually a good thing when all the sides of the problem are considered. Some countries have never outlawed it at all!

Gambling Creates Jobs

In 1999, the assessed jobs via the US Census discovered that, in the United States, the pari-mutuel gaming industry held firm at 119,000. As a main priority, this measurement was taken from more than ten years back. Verifiably, this number has ascended by a vast edge from that point forward. With the unemployment rate as low as it has been for quite a while, this nation could, beyond any doubt, utilize every one of the employments that clubhouse make. With new legislation being passed everyday to help spur economic growth and job creation, it makes sense to consider legalizing gambling in all its forms.

Remove the Seedy Underbelly

Most people make the same case when discussing drug legalization in a political sphere. If you remove the ability for underground gambling clubs to make money, then you would, in part, destroy the grasp that illegal enterprises hold over the people who seek out gambling. In the case that betting was made more legitimate, the state have the capacity to gather all the expense from what is presently underground betting, yet it would counteract cases like these while increasing tax revenue. Additionally, it will actually help those whom have a gambling problem. Through understanding, the stigma can be lifted and those who suffer from addiction will be more willing to seek help.

Betting is a recreational outlet for some people which gives individuals satisfaction. It can be energizing and socially captivating. For individuals that appreciate going out on a limb, betting can be both invigorating and testing. The possible social benefits of gambling far outweigh the puritanical strangleholds against anything remotely fun, which were forged back in the 1800s. The groups who clamored for the outlawing of legalized betting were the same groups that fought to prohibit alcohol consumption — a ban that was overturned in the 1900s. America has progressed an indescribable amount in the past 150 years and it’s time to overturn the prohibition on an activity which some countries have never declared illegal, like Australia. If you stand for America or want to stand for something then stand for the legalization of gambling.

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