Rose Burillo – Why foreigners flock to CDMX?

posted by Chris Valentine

Rose Burillo has accompanied me on many a trip across the Americas and luckily, been the most exceptionally comforting and fun engaged traveling partner for foreign experiences to date. So when it came to understanding why Mexico City was so popular for foreigners to flock there and indeed settle down, she was excellent at providing a definitive set of reasons as to why.

Here are some sage reasons why the capital is the new escape destination for any foreigner to wander. 

Economic advantages

Whether you are converting euros, dollars or pounds, the exchange rate is exceptional beneficial. The route of most decisions is economic and the assurance of a strong exchange rate makes Mexico an ideal place to travel long term. Whether on a shoe string or looking for more lavish lifestyles, being able to afford comforting, new experiences makes the stay all the more reassuring. 

Considering the range of spoils any international city offers, it’s little wonder why Mexico City attracts foreigners to spend wildly.

Lack of red tape.

Affordable rents and decent business rates make Mexico City an excellent place to invest in small and medium size business ventures. As a result, the mass of quaint coffee shops, bars and restaurants make for an excellent pallet of city life. Leisurely pursuits are often punctuated by frequent stops for food and drink which generates a very public social scene.
As such, the range of consumable delights affords the traveller the world in the convenience of a city.


One of the most striking observations when first arriving to Mexico City is the wealth of architectural brilliance from the Spanish influence form the 14th century. The intricate styles found in the Zocalo for instance are a spectacle for the eye and can transport even the most oblivious travelers back in time.
A saunter up the pedestrianized road downtown leading to the main central square presents the best view of the exquisite Palacio Nacionale where the current president now resides. 

Ostentatious facades lead onto to quaint courtyard spaces that are now seeing a renaissance in modern adaptations for use. Typically, the downtown zone of Mexico City is shabbier but presents an impressive museum like time capsule of a by gone era.  

Predictable climate (75 words each / 6 Lines) .

Mexico City is situated inside a mountain range bowl at an altitude of 2.8km above sea level. Despite a rainy season which arguably competes with the more rainfall showers than London, another good reason to visit or stay in CDMX is the predictable nature of the weather. One can expect year round comfortable temperatures and although the rainy season lasts for 3 months, one can set their watches to when it comes. 

Rose Burillo insists there’s way more reasons, such as central located and accessible to most of the coast line and of course the food culture. But as a city, Mexico opens up the longer you stay, like a flower, you will want to keep watering and watching it grow.

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