10 ideas to collect and store your travel memories

posted by Chris Valentine


Traveling is fun and collecting memories from any travel is an experience that’s even more fun. It is a lifetime experience because it offers you the opportunity to explore many whole new demographics. According to a study, the secret to a happier life is to collect memories from the places you travel. Traveling enthusiasts know the excitement it brings to visit new places and create new memories. A traveler must always collect souvenirs to make sure they have memories to cherish forever.

Travel enthusiasts know the fun of traveling to a completely new place and finding out more and more about it. Traveling refreshes one’s mind and makes them feel mental peace to relieve stress. It is always exciting to see what every new place has to offer. Research also suggests that traveling every once in a while freshens up the mind and brings relaxation. For travelers, these memories are priceless because they truly know the importance concealed in the little details.

You can show those memories to your children even after the passage of a lot of years, about how you went skydiving with your friends and had the time of your life, or your first trip with your wife and kids when they were small. In short, memories play an important role in every human being’s life as these take people back to their past and renew their memories and life experiences.

It is not imperative to buy something huge or expensive to create a real memory; little things such as a map poster may remind you of a thousand memories you created when you were traveling. The following are a few simple ways you can collect and preserve your memories whenever you travel. These are extremely simple and basic, so you can easily create amazing memories out of them. Have a look and decide which idea you would choose for your future trips and vacations.

Travel books: Pictures on the phone are overrated. Once you switch off your phone, the pictures go out of your sight. Creating travel books is fun and easy. Though there may be many available, you should craft your own so that you can customize them according to your preferences. Paste tickets, shopping receipts, highlights and pictures which you think would be memorable. Travel books can also have written experiences in them.

Postcards: Buy postcards from every country you visit. Postcards are aesthetically pleasing and are also inexpensive. You can write any best memory in them and put a stamp on it to give it a real look. Fridge magnets make great and inexpensive souvenirs. You can collect as many postcards as you can as they are lightweight and can be carried easily. Whenever you look at them, you will relive all the memories and be motivated to even more to create newer memories.

Key chains: Key chains, such as a fridge magnet are small and affordable, so again they are a great option for souvenirs. They are inexpensive and you can buy them for your friends and family too. They are evergreen and never get old.

Polaroid photography: If you travel often, then invest in a Polaroid camera. For beginners, it is a type of camera that creates chemically developed pictures after a few minutes of the click. It consists of a self-developing film, which can instantly produce a picture. These pictures are aesthetically appealing, and that is why every traveler should own the camera. In short, the camera is really fun as it allows you to create wonderful memories by taking pictures now and then, with the details of time, date and place of the photography.

Blog: With a blog, you can upload your favorite pictures on social media and talk about your experiences. This way, you can engage fellow enthusiasts in the discussion. So, you should always give it a shot. Writing a blog about your travel experience will help you always refresh your memories and keep them with you for as long as you would like.

Collection: If you do not want to spend on souvenirs, then you can collect the most random things that you find. Currency, cup, stones, shells, food or even your nametag can prove to be very memorable and something to be cherished. Whenever you look at the items in your collection, you will be reminded of all the times you spent. For instance, the currency of any country you visit will become memorable and something worth keeping. Shopping receipts can also be considered a traveling memory, reminding you of all the times when you went on a shopping spree.

Videos: Make videos of the places you visit. You can make videos of famous places that you went to, with a travel companion. Videos are much more powerful than pictures; you cannot show your bungee jumping pictures to your friends and expect them to feel the same adrenaline rush you felt. But when you show them the videos, then it is easier to elaborate on the moments and the things you felt.

Photo wall: One of the best ways to preserve your travel memories is to create space for your photo wall. Frame the best pictures of your travel and pin them on your wall. It would look great and preserve your treasured memories.

Maps: Maps are the best souvenirs. You may buy a large map and put colorful pins on it to highlight the places you visited. Marking on the map can be super fun as you can do so with your family and friends.

Diary: Many of us like to write diaries, especially when we are traveling. Every time you come across something worth memorizing, you can note it down and create a memory. Opening up your diary even after the passage of several years will relive all the fun times and places that you visited.


The aforementioned are some of the easy and preferred ways to collect and store your travel memories forever. You can also always bring to life your ideas to relive your memories. Many of us do believe in creating and living the memories of our lives. Travel memories are surely amazing and should be kept safe like a treasure. Now that you know all of this, where are you traveling next and which idea are you going to bring to life?

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