Tips on Packing The Perfect Backpack For Disney World

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are planning to head Disney World this year with the kids, the key to enjoying to the absolute max in going to be in the details. First thing is first, go get your Disney World tickets online so that you can ensure availability and the lowest prices. Once you have your travel plans locked in, you need to start turning your attention to getting your day-sack ready for what will be a very long day of fun and adventure. To get the most out of your day at Disney, it is recommended that you arrive as early as possible, and then leave as it closes. To make sure that you are properly prepared for such a long day, here is what you need to load that pack up with.


Food in the park can get pretty expensive so it makes sense to take some light snacks which can keep you going throughout the day. You will also need to queue for food which will take time away from the rides. Snacks like some granola bars or some crisps and dry fruit make for the perfect nibble to keep you going.

Water Bottle

The heat can be intense here in Florida and you will need to make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated. Instead of forking out time and time again for bottles of water, take a water bottle with you and the food stalls will happily give you a refill.


Sunscreen is also going to be absolutely necessary here in the park, and if you forget it then you could be in trouble. A small squirty bottle will be enough for one day, and means you can keep the weight of your pack down a little.

Power Bank

You will need to keep your phone juiced up throughout the day so that you can get in touch with friends and family if you are separated, and also as most of us use our phones as cameras, you will want to take plenty of snaps. A small power bank in your pack means that you can give your phone a charge when the battery runs low, ensuring that you can be contacted, and that you won’t miss any photos.


Don’t discount the possibility of rain coming down during your day, whilst this is not a regular occurrence, it could happen and those tropical storms can be quite unforgiving. To cover yourself, put a small, fold-up poncho in your bag, so that you can be prepared for any weather.

Autograph Book

If you are going to Disney with young children, why not make their experience even better by getting some autographs from their favorite Disney characters. A small book and a marker pen in the bag means that they can take a treasured memento away from their day at Disney. You also never know who you may run into at the parks, so adults may find a use for the book too.

Pack your bag up with these essentials and you’ll be covered for the whole day.

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