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10 Walt Disney World Facts You Didn’t Know About

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World becomes is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Orlando, Florida. However, some of these other facts may be a little more surprising…

1. It’s popular for its turkey legs

Out of all the foods in the world… You should know that turkey legs are legendary foods that you can find in this place. There are more than 1.6 million turkey legs that are consumed every year.

2. It’s huge

This place is believed to be one of the largest theme parks in the world. The entire park and resort has about 40 square miles areas. The size of this park is pretty similar with the size of San Francisco. With its huge size, this park has a lot of attractions for all visitors.

3. Lots of people go there…LOTS

This is another interesting fact that you should know. According to the official resources from Disney, more than 50 million people embark on Disney World Florida holidays every year. The Magic Kingdom Park becomes the most popular theme park in this place.

4. It is committed to provide environmental sustainability

You are able to see a lot of fruits and vegetables grown inside this park. The Walt Disney corporation always wants to provide the best effort to maintain the environmental sustainability. Some fruits and vegetables are used to supply most cafes and restaurants in this park.

5. More than 60,000 employees work at the park

Disney World always wants to help many get jobs. This theme park has more than 60,000 employees working in this place. It is believed to be the largest single site employer in the United States. All employees have a lot of benefits from this company.

6. You can sleep like a princess

This is another unique fact that you may want to know. You should notice that there is a Cinderella’s Castle inside this theme park. You are able to sleep inside this castle and winners of a nights stay in this unique accommodation option are often chosen by the park randomly.

7. The Legendary Tree of Life is…legendary

When you visit this theme park, you shouldn’t forget to visit the legendary Tree of Life. This tree is about 14 stories high. You will be amazed with the height of this tree. Many tourists usually take picture of this tree when they visit this place. There are more than 300 animal carvings that you can find on this tree.

8. You can throw coins around the It’s a Small World attraction for a good cause

This is a very popular attraction in Disney World. Many people are interested to visit this attraction. You can throw some coins to wish for the best for your life. This company is going to donate all money to the Give Kids The World. This is an organization that help many children with some dangerous diseases.

9. The Main Street is inspired by the Walt Disney’s hometown

When you are in this park, you should be able to find the Main Street. This is a popular street that is located in this park. This street is inspired by the hometown of this park’s creator, Walt Disney. It looks very similar to the Marceline, Missouri.

10. You can visit Disney Wilderness Preserve

Not all people know that they are able to visit the Disney Wilderness Preserve. This is located about 15 miles away from the Disney World. You are able to enjoy the Conservation learning center and some hiking trails in this place.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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