5 Ways To Travel Full Time And Make A Living While Doing It

posted by Chris Valentine

Full time traveling can be a great allure and adventure for some people. Traveling for months and even years without stop can offer many exciting opportunities that most people don’t experience with a week vacation once a year. However, long-term traveling can be expensive. As someone who’s always loved to travel, you may wonder if there’s some way to be a full-time traveler without a fortune to spend. In fact, there are many ways to make money while you travel around the country and the world. Here are proven ways to travel full time and make a living at the same time.

Traveling Freelance Work

If you have a skillset or experience providing a certain service, you can travel the country as a freelance expert in that field. This sort of freelance work can be particularly lucrative for photographers and freelance videographers with their own equipment. If you can prove your skills, it can be easy to secure jobs as you move from one place to another. This work is not limited to creatives either. If you have trade skills, or even experience in some field, it’s easy to take remote work opportunities in that field all over the place. Social media can help you pass along these credentials and locate new work before you arrive in a new town. Freelance can take a traditional trade and make it mobile.

Online Store Owner

You can make a good living traveling by owning an online store. Your online store can be run anywhere with an internet connection and a post office. This means most online businesses can be made mobile without much trouble. There are also plenty of online businesses that are dependent on you traveling about. For example, you can get involved in the market of reselling goods bought cheaply from storage locker auctions and estate sales. You could also form a company that sells crafts that feature materials unique to a certain region. Without a brick and mortar store to slow you down, an online store can take you anywhere you wish to go.

Travel Or Tourism Industry

To travel the world, you can always take a job with a travel or tour company. A flight attendant or a tour guide job could take you all over the world. You can make a good living this way. Flight attendants can make as much as $100,000 a year. On top of this, as a full-time worker, the company you’re with will cover your lodgings and even some of your expenses while your abroad. This is also the secure way you can see the world, without worrying about picking up jobs here and there. If you don’t mind working a 9 to 5 schedule, this can be a great way to both see the world and make a very good living.


Workamping will allow you to camp in places for free in exchange for work. Throughout the country there are many seasonal jobs associated with tourism that need to be filled. Some of these jobs are in places too isolated, or pay too little money, to appeal to locals. As a result, there are plenty of jobs for the full-time traveler moving around the country in every season. This is a perfect gig if you own an RV and want to travel to different campgrounds. With the Good Sam ESP to keep your maintenance costs low, you can use these jobs to travel and stay for free at various campgrounds. The National Parks are particularly in need of these employees to serve as concession attendants and guides during peak months.

English Teacher

If English is your native language, you can easily get a job in many parts of the world as an English teacher at a school. This is an easy way to make a living while seeing Asia and the Middle East. In most of these positions, you won’t even need a teaching degree or knowledge of the native language. The schools in question teach through methods that don’t require explanation in the student’s native language. You can make even more money doing this as a private tutor. Wealthy families will pay you to help improve their children’s spoken English and writing style. This way kids will be ready to enter American colleges. Teaching English can be an easy, and even lucrative, way to smart travel to some of the most exciting parts of the world.

There are many ways to earn a good living while traveling long-term. You can follow seasonal work across the country. If you have skills or equipment, you travel as a freelance expert. You can run an online store from the road. There are also travel and tourism companies who will pay you to travel as part of your job. You can also teach English in certain countries without degrees. A desire to travel shouldn’t hurt your ability to make money. All you need to do is embrace a life on the road, and opportunities will appear.

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