5 tips for Improving Customer Service in the Travel Industry

posted by Chris Valentine

The travel industry is an incredibly competitive environment. This is why travel companies need to do the best they can to optimise the customer service experience. Doing so means that customers are more likely to be attracted to the brand and stay loyal to it.

There are several things that companies can do in order to make this optimisation happen. One of them is to make sure that customer facing staff are fully trained. This could include providing the opportunity to gain qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Customer Engagement. Training staff in the correct manner is not the only thing that travel industry companies can do to improve customer service. Here are five top tips that can be useful to them.

Create a smart room environment

Smart technology has already revolutionised many homes across the world. Now it’s being used in hotel rooms to give companies an edge over their competitors. Not only can using smart technology save money on costs such as heating, it also helps to improve levels of customer service.

This happens because customers can now control many aspects of their hotel stay without having to wait for a hotel representative to assist them. This can include automated drinks ordering and automated spa session booking.

Personalise the marketing experience

Customers find it easier to carry out actions, such as finding accommodation and booking travel, when they have access to useful information. This is where personalised marketing comes in useful. Companies can analyse data, including browsing habits and demographics, to provide content that is relevant to individuals.

Make use of user generated content

It’s not just content that is provided by travel companies which can help to improve customer service. User-generated content can also be very useful. This can include images of destinations and hotels and advice about how to make the most of a holiday in a particular resort. In order to make best use of this opportunity, travel companies have to make it easy for customers to generate their own content online.

Make best use of technology

One of the best ways to improve customer service within the travel industry is to make best use of the technology that is available. This technology includes chatbots and automated booking systems. These systems can be used to provide 24/7 customer service without having to hire more customer service representatives. This makes it easier for people to book travel and accommodation at a time that is best suited to them.

Embrace the use of augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is similar to virtual reality (VR). However it involves overlaying content onto a reality that is already in existence rather than creating a completely new reality. This makes it easy for travel companies to use AR in order to improve the service they provide to their customers. For instance, apps can be provided which show information about tourist attractions as soon as a smartphone is pointed at the attraction. This helps people to get more from their holiday.

These tips can all be used by companies within the travel industry to help improve their levels of customer service.

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