Selling It: How to Create a Client-Stunning Pitch Document

posted by Chris Valentine

Have you ever heard of a pitch deck or document? A pitch document is something that you can present to potential clients to both introduce your business and give them a clear idea of the services you offer. Similar to an artist who would use the best toner cartridges in their portfolios, a pitch document needs to be something that truly showcases your business in the best light possible. This means following some crucial steps that will help your pitch document truly stand out in the crowd. In this article, we look at how you can create a client-stunning pitch document, so read on to find out more!

  1. Who Are You Pitching To?

The first thing to consider when creating the perfect pitch document is to truly understand the clients you are pitching to. Having a full understanding of your prospective clients will allow you to personalise your pitch. Ask yourself questions such as “what will my prospective client be looking for?” and “what budgets would they possibly have”? The more you understand the people you’re pitching to, the more you can customise your pitch to hopefully fit their needs perfectly. Collect as much information as you possibly can and use your findings to fine tune your pitch document.

2. Give The Relevant Information

Pitching to potential clients means that you’ll have to offer them as much relevant information as you possibly can. If you don’t package your information in the right way, you stand to lose out on investment dollars. Some of the most important information you should focus on giving is your business model, the competitive landscape, your competitive advantage, market size/opportunity and the financials. Your pitch document should aid your potential clients in having a rough yet accurate idea about what to expect should they choose to utilise your services.

3. Keep It Short And Simple

The perfect pitch document is one that is succinct, straight to the point and kept short and simple. Investors are known to have a short attention span, and the longer your pitch document, the higher the chance of people losing interest or even worse, getting bored. A good rule of thumb is to offer your potential clients an introduction that packs a punch and grabs their attention and then shifting straight into building their interest in your product or service. If something is going to take longer than 20 minutes for an investor to go through, chances are they’re going to lose interest. Keeping it short, simple and to the point is one of the best ways to create a client-stunning pitch document.

4. Pay Attention To Technicalities

When sending out your pitch document, it is imperative that you never send it in word format. This is because you have no control over how it opens on a recipients computer. Always convert your document to a PDF to ensure consistency and give you complete control over how your document will look, regardless of who is opening it. A bonus to converting to PDF is that you’ll appear more professional – something potential investors and customers often pay a fair amount of attention to.

5. Make Sure It Looks Fantastic

Last but not least, ensuring that your pitch document looks fantastic plays a key role in the success of your pitch. The right design can strengthen your message and get you one step closer to achieving success with potential clients and investors. Pay attention to consistent branding and ensure that your design is one that is streamlined and elegant. If you are using images, ensure they are of high quality. Images should be relevant, impactful and assist you in telling your story. We recommend using the help of a professional designer if you aren’t entirely confident in your design skills – a truly worthy investment in our eyes!


We hope that this article has given you some valuable information on how you can create the best pitch document that will make your business stand out in any crowd.

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