Signs to Tell If She Loves You

posted by Chris Valentine

Lots of men are missing the point on many ladies. Society has made us believe that if a woman approaches a man for love, then she is so cheap. The truth is love knows no gender, race or age, once your heart has loved, that is all, you will always long for that person no matter where you go. Women express their emotions and affections towards men in different ways and as a man, you need to know how to identify those actions and make a move. After all, we were all created to love, only that some people haven’t been luck on love.

The Face Doesn’t Lie

One thing about ladies, they don’t know how to hide their emotions. If she is smiling at you unreasonable, if she is happy whenever you bring up a story and if she gives you attention even where there ought not to be any attention, you need to know there is a connection. Some of these ladies are the ones you meet for sometime and the lady feels like you are the perfect guy for her so she starts setting a conducive environment for you. She may not even keep boundaries for you like tying up her shoe laces, rubbing something off her hair or such like things.

Questions, She Asks You Questions About Yourself

When a lady starts asking you questions about yourself, whether about your career, childhood or future plans, know that she is up to something. You may not be in a position to know that but if you have been hanging around with her, you will be able to know she is up to something. Ladies want to know men before they get committed to someone. There are over 1 billion women in the world, she is not your relative, why is she the one asking you questions about your personal life, there is something.

Compliments, Some Are Not Even Necessary

You are smart, you look good, you are funny, you look like a nice person and many more compliments. These are some of the compliments that will make you know the lady is really trying hard to please you. You don’t need to wait, tell her thank and make a move because love doesn’t grow on trees. Once you see such compliments flowing to you, she already has you in mind so you need to make a move.

Jealousy and Worried When You Are with Her Friends

A lady who loves you will never let you hang out with ladies around. She may start getting angry at you for no reason and start asking questions about who have been hanging around with. Once you know she doesn’t even love the girls you associate yourself with, you will know there is love in her. Make a move and accomplish her love ambitions. Ladies can play hard to get sometimes but deep inside them, they know they love you a lot.

Most Ladies Know Everything About You Before You Even Make a Move

As a man, you may not be contemplating to disturb the lady after several attempts of telling her that you love her. After sometime, you may be surprised to know that the lady as actually found all information about you and she wants to talk to you. That is normal, it means she was just being careful so as to fall in love with the perfect person.


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