Jeff Lupient Wife, How She Supports Her Husband

posted by Chris Valentine

I have known Jeff Lupient from back when we went to Hamline University together and during those years he would often talk about his desire to have his own automotive group, something which he would go on to achieve right here in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota. In fact, for 10 years now Jeffrey W. Lupient has been the CEO and the President of Lupient Automotive Group and it has grown an incredible amount since then. If you ask Jeff Lupient MN what he attributes to his great success the first thing he will mention is his wife. Jeff Lupient wife supports him an incredible amount and here is why she is such a star in his eyes.



Jeff’s wife is a successful career woman in her own right so she could certainly be forgiven for not being around all of the time to support Jeff, but that is not in her make up. In fact his wife is one of the most highly charged and driven people that I know and she uses this passion and drive to make Jeffrey Lupient a better person. There are days when he will admit that he doesn’t feel driven or motivated and these are the days when she will pick him up and get him focused again, a rare quality which Jeff is very lucky to find in his wife.

Knowing Me Knowing You

Because Jeff’s wife knows him so well, she is able to help him in a number of ways, even when he doesn’t know what he needs. For example, there are days after a long day at work when he just wants to be left alone, but of course he would never say this to his wife. She on the other hand will have already spotted that her husband wants some time to himself so she’ll make plans or busy herself with something else in order to give him that time. Jeff does the same thing for his wife which keeps her happy which is probably why the relationship has worked so well.

Ideas and Decisions

Jeff’s wife may not work for the automotive group but she might as well given the number of ideas that she comes up with that have worked extremely well. Furthermore, Jeff knows that in his wife he has a confidante to whom he can talk to about decisions which need to be made within the business. Because she is not working within the company she is able to look upon decisions with a different pair of eyes and with significantly less emotion. In most cases Jeff already knows what he wants to do and he just needs a slight push from his wife to make sure that he has the strength in his convictions to make the right choice. For Jeff, knowing that he has someone back at home with whom he can speak to and rely on for this kind of advice is absolutely invaluable.


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