3 Options for Young Children in the Summer

posted by Chris Valentine

When you have one or more young children at home, you know summers can be a bit of a challenge.

During the time school is on break, keeping your young one or ones busy can be difficult.

So, any thoughts to how to keep your children active when school is on recess?

Don’t Let Summer Recess Turn into Boredom

In coming up with things to keep your children busy when school bells are not ringing, here are a few to ponder:

  1. Going away – When was the last time your family did a day trip or something longer? If it has been a while; how about changing that? You can go online and research all the various travel options. Whether you want to do something close to home or expand your boundaries, the choice is yours. If you and your children like theme parks, have you been to Disney World or Disneyland before? If not, one or both would be great choices. Given all there is to do, your children will never get bored. The key in planning such a trip for a day or longer is to know the best times to travel. You can go online and use a Disneyland crowd calendar. That calendar can fill you in on the best dates and times to go. Why run into big crowds at any venue you want to visit if you can avoid them? In going away, also look for deals on any airfares, hotels or rental cars you may need. By being a prepared traveler, you and your children will enjoy the experiences more.
  2. Summer camp – Did you go to summer camp back when you were a kid? If so, how was the experience for you? It is not uncommon for many parents to want their children to experience such camps at some point and time. Summer camps can be great learning opportunities for young ones. They can also allow for your children to make new friends. Last, the independence your child can gain while away from home can prove invaluable. Take the time to check out different summer camps online. Many of them have websites and are on social media platforms. As such, there should be no shortage of information for you to sink your teeth into. Your child can use their summer camp experiences also when they return to school in the fall.
  3. Home activities – Finally, there are likely activities children can do at home. Best of all, most do not cost much in the way of money. You can also encourage your child to have some of their friends over during the summer months. From pool parties to sleepovers and more, the possibilities can be endless. Your child will take comfort in playing with friends and making some new experiences. Unless your children are super young, you may not have to supervise them all that much either.

In coming up with fun things for your children to do, chances are good you have a long list with which to select from.

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