5 Hobbies You Can Transform into a Small Business

posted by Chris Valentine

We are facing hard times that lead people to seek options for making an extra income and cover expenditures or improve well-being. The availability of high-speed internet connections and social media expansion allows people to interact with communities but also creates a rising demand for high-quality products and services to address specific customer needs.

As a consequence, a trend of small business initiatives based on hobbies arises. People with special talents are eager to cover unattended market requirements by offering creative products and services, relying on digital resources that allow them to communicate their unique value proposition effectively yet with a low budget.

Are you one of them? Follow these tips for small business owners given by Camino Financial, an online lender based in California. And keep reading this post to get inspired.

Turn your hobby into a small business

Small businesses are an extension of the personality of the founder, relying on dreams and expectations about an idea that led the owner to turn a hobby into a profit-driven business. If you want to turn your hobby into a small business, follow this tips:

  • Brainstorm with friends or relatives to evaluate all possible options to come up with ideas to make a profit from your favorite hobby.
  • Set-up a business plan to evaluate the market opportunities and write clear and concise objectives, make an expense budget and design a unique value proposition that drives your ideal customers to spend money and buy your product or service.

Ideas for inspiration

Here are some popular hobbies that can be transformed into small business:

Arts & Culture

From painting to stone sculpting, art is a wonderful way to express your creativity and develop a unique offer to people interested in colorful pieces that delight senses and soul. If you are an artisan, you can receive a very attractive source of income by selling via Etsy or giving your artistic creations into consignment to local art galleries. 


From well-trained chefs to amateur cooking fans, this is a hobby that can be transformed into a business quite easily. A monetized YouTube channel that posts weekly recipes, a food truck or a catering service posted on Facebook that delivers personalized dishes to special occasions. Start with a small menu based on popular taste to stand out from the local competition.


One of the most popular hobbies worldwide might turn your camera into a reasonably good source of extra income, working as a freelance photographer but also as an influencer creating a profile on Instagram and posting beautiful pics related to a specific topic.


There are many stories about gamers who started spending spare time and developed some skills on popular games, such as Minecraft or Fortnite, and are now earning a decent income streaming on Twitch or competing in online contests performed globally. Need proof? Check Jimmy Broadbent´s story, who went from unemployment to full-time online car racing career.


A dynamic way to get into new cultures and places and make some profit. Travelers write down their experiences through blogs that work as travel guides, or film their journeys and create YouTube or Instagram accounts that get thousands of subscribers. Sometimes they get sponsorship from local airlines or travel agencies to cover expenses.

Resources to turn your hobby into a small business

Now more than ever, it’s time to get some advice and think about ways to turn your hobby into a source of income for a small but profitable business in the long term.

A helpful resource you definitely should give a try is Camino Financial, a company that provides financial support and comprehensive counseling with a focus on small business, to help you improve your financial performance and achieve long-term success supporting your entrepreneurial goals. 

With all benefits being said, it’s time to ask yourself: Am I ready to make a profit from my beloved hobbies? Just hit the ground running and take advantage of online resources available to turn your hobby into your next full-time job.

Also, they are funded through personal savings from the owners. That’s why key decisions are taken almost exclusively by the founder: there is a strong sense of authority and few signs of delegating important decisions on other members of the staff.

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