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posted by Chris Valentine

If you enjoy writing and believe that you can write excellent essays, we have good news for you. You can utilize your passion and talent to earn money writing essays for college students. Writing essays online has become a big business giving people opportunities at a flexible job with a good salary. In result, depending on the complexity students will order cheap pre written essays, then academic papers. So you ask how do I figure out how to write essays for money? Here are the various tips you should observe to draft excellent compositions.

Have a word bank

A word bank refers to a list of words that relate to the topic of your essay and help write an essay. Begin by coming up with a question for your composition and use it to draft a thesis statement, which is the main focus of your writing. For instance, if your topic is “effects of social media” your thesis statement should be something like, “social media brings about negative consequences.” With the thesis statement at hand, come up with a list of words that relate to this topic, which will be helpful to formulate the rest of the essay.

Be a journalist

To get paid to write essays, you need to have the ability to assemble a lot of information about a topic. An excellent essay is one that incorporates a lot of information organized straightforwardly. Therefore, be a journalist and delve in the topic exploring the different ideas that can support your thesis. Come up with questions and get curious, as the more questions you ask, the more information you will collect to complete your essay. Acting like a reporter helps you identify quotes, sources, and vocabulary helpful in your writing.

Attractive topic sentences

A topic sentence is the opening sentence of each paragraph, which summarizes what the entire section will discuss. While drafting essays for sale online, you need to track how your writing process will flow. Topic sentences help you achieve this by defining the discussion under each section, which connects to the thesis. For instance, with the thesis statement, “social media brings about negative consequences,” topic sentences include, “the continued use of social media leads to addiction.” Other topic sentences can be, “social media lead to isolation,” and “social media propagates bullying.” or to order a cheap essay sample on “Effects of Global Warming”.


When writing a long and complicated essay about a particular topic you have to focus on one side of the argument, however, during the preparation stage, it is wise to note down both sides of a case before you write. Having points agreeing with your topic and those that disagree with it is paramount in formulating the main focus of the essay. The positions will help you strengthen your discussion by addressing the aspects in details; it will expand your knowledge on the subject and give you more vocabularies to utilize in your composition.


Using the correct form of words turns out to be a challenging endeavor even for people who are fluent in the English language. Native speakers learn both proper and improper grammar as they grow up, which affects their writing in proper grammar. However, to get paid to write essays online, you need to have correct grammar, that express what you mean in an understandable manner.

Make an effort of practicing how to use the correct grammar when speaking and writing to ensure your sentence structures are on point. The main secret to achieving this is reading your sentences from the last word to the first to identify how words sound once you read them.


Learning complex words is interesting especially when you have to use them in an exam. However, when writing essays make sure you know what they mean before using them, as using the wrong vocabulary makes your composition lose its meaning. A dictionary comes in handy at this juncture to enable you to learn the meaning of all the fancy words you may be looking to incorporate in your essay so you can use them appropriately.

A dictionary is also an essential tool as it gives you the synonyms of different words. Fancy words may show that you have an advanced vocabulary, but if you keep using the same ones in your essay, your work becomes dull and repetitive. Use the thesaurus to identify words that you can interchange with others sharing the same meaning to make your piece clear and increase its volume. Note that not all synonyms are interchangeable; thus; be keen on using words correctly.


After you write the concluding paragraph, your work does not end here. Read through your writing out loud to ensure it meets all the requirements and is polished. Identify sentences that may be too long and break them into two or those that do not make any sense you delete them. Next, look for a native English speaker, whose fluency is better than yours and ask them to edit your essay. Ensure they are keen on minor mistakes such as repetition of words, spelling errors, grammatical errors, and organization of your paragraphs. Highlight them so you can avoid them in the future.

Writing essays is a dreadful task for many students as they find them overwhelming. However, essay writing services have to come to their aid by providing such students with writers who get paid to write essays. Thus, students can order cheap prewritten essays that have well-organized ideas, meet all the grammatical needs and are polished to perfection.

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