8 Activities to Motivate Your Staff for Better Productivity

posted by Chris Valentine

For a business, whether big or small, employees are extremely important. If they are satisfied and happy with their jobs, they will be very productive. On the other hand, if they are dissatisfied with their jobs, their productivity level will decrease and it will eventually translate into lesser profits for the business.

Efficiency is directly related to your business operations, and how they are carried out on a daily basis.

Since the operations of a business depends on the people who perform them, it is imperative that you focus more on your employees and analyze the level of productivity offered by each of them.

However, you must also analyze your own habits, the working environment, and pay scales. You will find out that the business also needs to make some changes in order to render its employees more productive.

In the article below, we will discuss some activities that can motivate your staff and enable them to work efficiently in a lesser span of time.

Efficiency in Business Operations

It is obvious that working habits of your employees need to be changed in order to maximize their output. However, what is not obvious is that some changes also need to be made in the way daily business operations are performed.

The best way of running a business efficiently, is to set priorities. These priorities must be clearly defined on each level.

In fact, staff members should be encouraged to set their own priorities in order to achieve their targets in an efficient and timely fashion.

Individual priorities can be incorporated into the overall priorities of the business so that each staff member is working towards a shared goal, and completing their tasks on time.

When the operations of the business start running in an efficient manner, there will be no room for lethargy and boredom.

Delegate Responsibilities to Staff Members

Money and paychecks are the most obvious reasons why most people work. However, majority of them will also prefer a tinge of recognition as per the above chart.

In order to provide recognition to staff members, they must be assigned responsibilities first. Some business owners find it difficult and risky to delegate responsibilities. But, it is a great way of boosting morale of the employees and increasing their level of satisfaction with the company.

Delegate responsibilities to experienced staff who you trust, and allow them to carry out task on their own.

If they are able to perform well, it will become beneficial for both the company and the employee. The company will gain an experienced hand with a proven track record of success, while the employee will gain recognition their work, and feel motivated.

Be Honest and Respectful

This one is obvious.

Yet, most business owners and managers simply do not pay heed to this basic phenomenon.

Lack of respect, support and honesty from managers de-motivate quite a lot of employees. Sometimes, the stress is so high that people prefer to quit their jobs.

Give every staff member respect. Recognize their contribution – no matter how tiny – towards the successful completion of overall business targets.

Provide guidance and support to all employees who need them.

Be honest with your staff members, make yourself trustworthy. If they trust you and respect you, they will be extra-motivated and would never even think about leaving their jobs.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

Not a single employee wants to remain in the same place for a long period of time.

A very strong motivation for efficient working is the expectation of growth, both financially and professionally.

Your staff members should know that efficient and productive performance will allow them to grow within the company. In fact, if the business is growing, each staff member will be expecting raise in salaries, as well as more responsibilities within the company.

Groom your staff for better positions, and allow them to show their skills. They will love you for it.

Get Rid of Distractions

These days, staff would simply waste time on social media when they are in the office. One of the best ways of stopping this is to disallow phones inside the office premises.

But this is not a practical solution.

A good option is to simply request them not to use their cell phones during peak working hours. Also offer regular short breaks so that they are able to check their cell phones for important messages.

This way you will not be banning mobile phones altogether, but giving time to your employees to unwind them during working hours.

Provide them the Best Tools Available

Tools are helpful in performing several tasks.

If you want your staff members to perform their tasks efficiently, provide them with the best tools.

Within offices, modern and efficient computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and 4K Projectors will make all the difference between efficient, and inefficient performances.

Investing in the latest equipment will allow you to reap benefits in the form of increased productivity, and profits.

Set realistic and Achievable Goals

One of the most rampant problems with organizations these days is that they have no clear idea regarding the potential of each of their employees. Consequently, they set un realistic targets which are almost impossible to achieve.

You can help your employees by discussing their targets with them, analyzing market conditions, and gauging the demand for a particular product at any given time.

This will increase the productivity of the employees. Do not put unnecessary burden on your employees.

Offer Positive and Meaningful Feedback.

If an employee is good at their work, you should immediately give feedback. Let them know that they are doing a great job.

You can also top it off with a monetary incentive or a week’s paid leave.

All staff members should know that their hard work is recognized and rewarded.

The Final Word

Employees are motivated by recognition, respect and support.

The level of efficiency offered by each employee will hinge on the level extent of satisfaction they gain from the work assigned.

If you want your employees to put in their best efforts in an efficient manner, try a few of the above-mentioned tips. You will find that they are not only beneficial to your employees, but also equally beneficial to the business.

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