How to Increase Website Conversion Rate in 2019

posted by Chris Valentine

With many retail outlets opening websites where they can sell their products and services, competition has gone into another level. Most of the companies operating through online platforms have effective and highly responsive infrastructures such as good payment systems and a website that can be accessed through mobile phones.

Shopify Plus has made it easy for ecommerce companies to transition from Magento Enterprise. This transition means that companies can offer maintenance to their systems within a short period and at lower costs. Most of the developed countries around the world have elaborate and every extensive online store that delivers products and services in various parts of the city.

With the increasing competition, the number of customers has also increased with recent research showing that individuals prefer to buy products and services through ecommerce platforms rather than the traditional brick and motor stores. Although the companies have been able to attract massive traffic in their landing pages, some of them have not been able to increase their website conversion rates, which means that they are still trailing behind global ecommerce giants such as Walmart, Amazon, and

What is Website Conversion Rate? 

Website conversion is a term that is commonly used in digital marketing that involves converting website visitors into customers. The more the website’s visitors are turned into customers, the more the conversion rate. However, not many companies have been able to achieve this. Many digital marketers are working on various strategies that will help in converting websites traffic into reliable and loyal customers in vain.

How to Increase Website Conversion Rates 

Most of the companies that have excelled in the ecommerce platform have been able to achieve this by converting most of their website visitors into customers. One of the main strategies they use to turn visitors into reliable customers is asking little information as possible from the customers. Ecommerce website operates in such a way that it has to request personal details of the individuals visiting the site.

These details are later used in reaching the customer and informing them about the products of the company. The problem is that many sites concentrate on requesting many details, which makes customers scared. The best method of ensuring that customers provide their details and are converted into customers is asking as little information as possible. Customers are very sensitive, and not many of them will be willing to provide their details.

Excellent and standout call to action messages is essential when converting website visitors into customers. In every landing page, a call to action message has to be written and positioned in a strategic location where all website visitors can see it. Writing minimal call to action and posting them on any location on the website is not a very strategic decision as many website users will not be able to see it.

Moreover, the call to action message should be written in blocks and large letters rather than small letters which are positioned as links. You have to make them visible to the website visitors, who will not spend their time trying to figure out where you have positioned your call to action.

Using low-quality images, which cannot be seen clearly by the website visitors could send the wrong message about your brand. It would help if you made sure that the images you are using to market your brands are of high quality and professional. Use vector images so that website visitors can magnify them when they want to see them at a close range. Using vector images, which are highly optimized will help mobile users to access them with ease.

Color combination is another critical strategy that ecommerce platforms can use to increase conversion rates in their websites. A considerable number of digital marketing companies are not aware that color combination can have significant impacts on their landing pages. Some colors such as red could signify anger or stress, which could scare aware potential buyers.

On the other hand, blue could signify a calming presence, which is essential when used on an ecommerce platform that sells medical products and equipment. Therefore, website technicians and digital marketers should try and use various color pellets and see how the change will impact their conversion rates.

Lastly, it has been discovered that not all customers are willing to pay for products and services bought through ecommerce stores through PayPal. Every person out there has his or her preferred mode of payment. Therefore, adding various methods of payment such as Skrill, Bank transfer, and digital currency will increase the number of visitors converting into customers.

Moreover, the payment option selected should also be secure. Most of the ecommerce stores are operating in an era where cyber-crime and financial fraud has gone overboard. Customers can quickly lose their money if the necessary security measures have not been put into place.

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