Top 10 Shopify ECommerce Stores in 2020

posted by Chris Valentine

E-commerce has transformed the way business is done around the world. It has opened doors of opportunity to countless big and small entrepreneurs to set up a business even with limited capital. It’s not surprising to know that a whopping 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040.

Given the global scenario, it has become more imperative than ever for every business to have an online presence in the form of an online store. If you don’t have an online presence already, this is the best time to go digital and start selling online. The moment anyone thinks about creating an eCommerce store, the first name that pops up is Shopify.

Shopify is an e-commerce building platform that helps you create an e-commerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

Here’s our pick of the top 10 Shopify Ecommerce stores in 2020. I hope you get some inspiration from these stores to set up your own! So let’s get started!

Top 10 Shopify ECommerce Stores in 2020


1. Ninja – A Gamer’s Merchandise Store

Ninja is a famous gamer and influencer with one of the biggest channels on Twitch.TV, with thousands of viewers.

A simple easy to the eyes website, without too many buttons, makes sure the buyer’s purchasing experience is seamless. Ninja’s Shopify store serves a clear purpose, which is to sell his merch to his fans. Most of them are redirected there after having clicked the links on his YouTube or Twitch channels.

Check out: The Ninja Store

2. 8 and 9 – A Shopify Store By Fashion Designer

8and9 is a streetwear brand and one of the best Shopify stores in this list.

Your first contact with the website will be met with a giant photograph of a guy’s feet showcasing impressive street-wear shoes. On scrolling down, you find nine different tabs titled – SALE, NEW RELEASES etc, to direct their visitors strategically. On the top are nine big tabs, clearly stating-visually and verbally-where they are leading to. That’s it.

Big visually appealing images, good segmentation and a straight forward product catalogue. Overall, this is a great e-commerce store designed with the user in mind.

Check out the store – 8and9

3. Kylie Cosmetics – No Introduction Needed

Kylie Cosmetics features in one of the top 500 Shopify stores in the world. It is Instagram’s star personal brand, Kylie Jenner. Even if you are living under a rock and are not familiar with Kylie Jenner, you will still be able to figure out what you should expect regarding the content and the products of the website right off the bat. That’s the mark of a good website.

The background colour is a soft pink that is soothing to the eyes and doesn’t distract the visitors from the main focus of the website, which is the lipsticks. Close up, high definition photographs of lips with the shade make the product hard to miss.

This website certainly meets all the standards of a gold medal website that knows its target audience and its buying habits far too well. Good job, Kylie!

Check out the store- here

4. Dry Robe

Dryrobe is a brand that created a particular and unique product and stayed focused on it, instead of expanding in more product lines.

Their main page consists of commercial photography, and Instagram feeds of people wearing the Dryrobe. The website is easy to navigate, the user will instantly find what he is looking for, but the website lacks creativeness.

Visit the store: Dryrobe 

5. The Great Cookie

The Great Cookie is a successful Shopify store which dedicatedly sells cookies and cakes. Realistic photographs of goodies in different designs and flavours are displayed all over the page. Drool-worthy!

Full marks to The Great Cookie for their super smart “Occasion” and the authentic design.

Check out the store: The Great Cookie

6. Lazy Fruits

An online store selling… Fruits! Yes! Lazy Fruits is an excellent example of how you can use Shopify to leverage your business. It’s a simple to the point website, where users can start adding fruits to their cart right from the homepage. The design is simple, with a white background to highlight the colours of the products (fruits). This Shopify store simulates a walk into the grocery store! Pretty cool!

The lack of email forms and pop-ups makes this Shopify website a great one for sure. 

Check out – LazyFruits

7. Beardbrand

Beardbrand’s vision is to change the way society views beardsmen. They develop premium products that help keep our beards, hair, and skin healthy, luscious, and ready to show off to the world.

Their homepage hosts only one CTA, which is asking the visitor to take a quiz which is quite a unique take. The Quiz to help you find your style in exchange for an email address is pure genius.

Check out: Beardbrand

8. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee claims to be the most robust coffee you’ve ever tried. They even offer a refund if you feel otherwise. Passionate people make death Wish Coffee for passionate people, and their carefully selected, perfectly roasted coffee beans produce a bold, highly caffeinated coffee blend.

Talking about the website, it does not have a lot of pages and the content is easy to read with big and clear text. Interestingly, the design is as bold as the brand claims its coffee to be.

Death Wish Coffee is an excellent example of a well-converting website which takes its visitors straight to the check-out screen.

Check Out: Death Wish Coffee

9. Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan Coffee Roasters is a coffee brand selling its products online via Shopify store. The website has a minimalistic homepage with one big beautiful picture and two different buttons that will either take you to their Shop page or the Explore one.

The website has a unique feature- a coffee count down- for the next dispatch, which makes the user experience interactive and prompts the user to order.

Check Out: Caravan Coffee Roasters

10. Ventana Supplies

Ventana Supplies sell hollow, reclaimed wooden surfboards; bodysurfing hand planes, and eco surf supplies that are loved by adventurers everywhere. It is a success story among Shopify stores.

The homepage is filled with a carousel of photographs covering essential aspects of a surfer’s life. 10/10 marks for the design and user experience.

Check out: Ventana Big Sur

Summing Up

The recipe for creating a successful Shopify store is a tricky one. What works for one brand may not work for another. An E-commerce store is something that has to be carefully created as per the taste and requirements of each brand or business. This is where Shopify experts come in. You can consider hiring Shopify developers who understand the vocabulary of the eCommerce world, to help you set-up everything- from the e-commerce store to SEO.

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