Reasons Why Audience Segmentation Builds Stronger Connections

posted by Chris Valentine

Using audience segmentation can make targeting your ideal customer more accurate. By targeting people by income, gender, location, age, etc. you can be exact

There are over 7.7 billion people in the world and each one of them is different. You can’t expect to reach them all with the same marketing strategies.

Audience segmentation can be a valuable tool in your business marketing arsenal. It allows you to connect with potential consumers in a new way.

It makes sense and is essential to consider your entire audience but to also take into account the individual. A Vietnam veteran who’s now a retired grandfather will respond to your marketing differently than an 18-year-old young woman heading to college for the first time.

Keep reading for ways audience segmentation can help you better connect with your customers and reach potential consumers more effectively.

Know Your Customer Base

You can’t target your marketing at your customers if you don’t have a good sense of who your customers are.

Learning more about who is interested in your products and services, how they find your company and what is the determining factor in their purchasing decisions will help you find more like-minded consumers.

The products and services you offer will determine many of your best marketing strategies. Marketing legal services may require very different marketing techniques than that of an online clothing store.

You need to research and understand how your target audience searches for and uses products and services like yours. This will help you decide on the best marketing strategies to gain their trust and secure their business.

How To Know Your Customers

There are several ways you can learn more about consumers whether it is through surveys, analytics, studying customer demographics, industry research by others or conduct your own. Audience segmentation can help you attract more customers and better meet the needs of those you already have.

Understanding why and how consumers make choices can help you close the sale by connecting with potential clients on a more personal level. You can better serve them because you better understand what their needs are.

Figure Out What Works

You can tell a lot about your customer base by figuring out what they respond to. Keep track of which social media posts generate the most traffic for your site. This will let you know what readers are interested in and help you produce more effective and efficient content.

Research what keywords consumers use to search for content. Four out of five consumers use internet search engines to find information about local businesses. This means it is crucial to your success for you to incorporate consumer search habits into your marketing strategies.

What works for one consumer may not work for them all though.

Know What Doesn’t Work

You have to be careful when marketing to one segment of potential customers that you don’t alienate others. You may be targeting college boys with one ad campaign but if you offend the majority of college women at the same time you could be doing more harm than good.

Audience Segmentation: Your Key to Success

You can learn a wealth of information about your business, your potential and current customers, and the key to your success by tackling marketing with the use of audience segmentation.

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