Lawyer Marketing: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Law Firm’s Visibility with SEO

posted by Chris Valentine

Every 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.

SEO plays a significant role in bringing clients closer, and this is why you should use it for your lawyer marketing efforts. Incorporating SEO in your marketing strategies is the most common way of getting ahead of the competition.

The initial premise of search engine optimization is to maximize the visibility of your firm online. If you can take advantage of the proven techniques for thriving in SEO, you can rise higher in your search results.

Here, we take a look at seven strategies you can use in lawyer marketing for your website.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research entails trying to find out how people are searching for the legal services you provide. It’s about using professional tools and strategies to find out what interests people. Some of the online tools available provide free usage, while others require a subscription.

As you conduct your research, and to increase your chances of ranking higher, go for keywords with commercial intent. These may have less traffic but come with the advantage of ranking more easily. They also tend to convert at a higher rate as they are more inclined to services than just information.

An example of a keyword with commercial intent is “can I sue a law firm?” another example is “legal services near me.” These two qualify as keywords with commercial intent because the readers are in search of services.

Once you’ve conducted the keyword research, create a strategy for using them in your lawyer marketing approach. You could use them to create content that’ll help market your website.

2. Website Optimization

Most likely, you already have a responsive website. If you do, the thing to consider is how to make it more visible. The first strategy is to work on your SEO site structure. This refers to how and where your content appears within the website’s architecture.

You may miss it, but this is an essential aspect of making your site search engine-friendly. Ensure your site is well organized for visitors to find the information they seek quickly.

Within the website, you also need to optimize the URLs. Based on the keywords you get from your research, incorporate them in your URL without overdoing it. Overstuffing your website and URLs with a keyword will water down your efforts to rank your site better.

3. Content Marketing

Your lawyer marketing success hinges on your ability to incorporate Law Firm SEO by creating compelling content. You also must be able to distribute it so that it reaches the intended audience. Great content entails using relevant keywords.

Go back to your list of keywords and separate them by intent. In this case, intent refers to the need for a service and the need for information. Use the content with keywords that have purchase intention in your service pages.

The keywords with information intention should be used for content to be posted in blog posts. While this is the easy part, the hard part is creating the actual content. If it’s not in you to develop keyword-packed content, hire the services of a professional content creator.

4. Focus on Link Building

Your SEO campaign can’t be highly effective if you don’t have quality backlinks or inbound links. The inbound links must be relevant and drawn from various domains.

Backlinks that rank highly usually come from well-known sites. You can get quality inbound links by getting listed in quality attorney directories. Some of them are free, while others have a subscription fee.

You can also have your website listed on the websites of national, local, and state organizations.

Link-building is an off-site SEO practice. High-quality links make Google recognize your site as a trustworthy one, hence ranking you accordingly. You can also get linked by other websites if you provide content that they want to share.

5. Track Your SEO Campaign

Generating organic traffic isn’t free as it requires a considerable investment of time, capital and resources to get significant results. The costs of SEO are high because of these four outputs:

  • Overall organic traffic
  • Search engine visibility
  • Traffic to target pages
  • Leads from organic search

Although it takes a while for our site to rank on top, it should track how it’s performing. Check how many visitors are coming through search engines, and look at the overall traffic and rate of conversion.

6. Maintain an Active Blog

Creating content for your law website isn’t the end of your content creation strategy. The next thing is to ensure that you keep your website updated with relevant and current information. As the market changes, keep checking what readers are looking for and strive to provide this information.

Your blog has static pages that contain information that remains unchanged for a long time. The blog pages need to be updated now and then, providing new information that you might not have captured before. Updating information on your website is part of lawyer marketing strategy.

7. Avoid Unethical Lawyer Marketing

One of the easiest ways to have your reputation sullied online is to use unethical advertising. To avoid this from happening, it’s recommendable to use disclaimers and observe the state laws. In your lawyer marketing, strive to avoid the following:

  • Publishing misleading information
  • Identifying yourself as an expert if you’re not certified
  • Guaranteeing the outcome of cases for clients and potential clients

Remember that your site could be marked down if you don’t observe the above limits. Again, it would do you no good to rank highly and have no clients coming to you for lack of trust in your services.

Final Thoughts

Having a website is not enough to take your law firm to the next level. You need to make an effort to market it through SEO strategies. If carefully implemented, these are strategies that can ease your lawyer marketing approach.

SEO strategies that you should consider incorporating in SEO marketing include content creation and link building. You also should work on keyword research so that your content is based on information that readers want. Remember to maintain an active blog and track the performance of your SEO efforts.

Your website won’t be of use to you if you don’t optimize it for ease of use. Make it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need. Most importantly, avoid marketing yourself as an expert and making promises you can’t keep.

While marketing your business online, here are some common mistakes you should strive to avoid.

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