How to extend the life of your business van

posted by Chris Valentine

business van

The van you use for your business is an asset, and like every other asset, you should do all you can to slow down its depreciation so that it can serve your business for longer. Unlike your personal car, a business van is more of a work horse. It is almost always on the road, eats up more mileage, and can get damage easily. The following ideas will help prevent your business van from incurring costly repairs that can hurt your business finances, and to make it last longer

Adhere to Your Van’s Service Schedule

The best way to avoid spending time and money with your mechanic is to keep to the service schedule recommended by the van’s manufacturers.

While it is true that the engine of most vehicles is designed to last for a very long time, they do need regular maintenance to function optimally. This maintenance should also be carried out by a trained professional at every opportunity your van is due to be serviced.

Regularly maintaining your van is an investment not just in the future of your delivery vehicle, but also in the future of your business. In addition to extending the life of your business van’s engine, regular maintenance will help boost the van’s second-hand value, should you ever want to sell.

Check and change the fluids at regular intervals

Your van uses oils, water, coolant and other fluids to work properly. These fluids are meant to be checked and changed at regular intervals. It is recommended that you check your oil whenever you top up fuel in your gas tank, and that you change the oil every 5000 miles.

Read your owners’ manual to find out the manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change, but if you drive in extreme conditions, your van’s oil change frequency will have to change. Neglecting an oil change can lead to engine troubles and cost you much more in the long term, if you end up with a broken-down van.

Repairing body damage

Minor body damage may not affect the performance of your van, but it will cause depreciation fast. Additionally, your business van is also a reflection of your brand, driving it about with scratches and dents will put out the wrong image of your company.

Anytime you discover scratches and dents on your business van, have it worked on as soon as possible. You can fix minor body damage on your own, but extensive work will have to be done by a professional. In any case, your van will likely not pass inspection if it is full of holes, dents and scratches.

It is a good idea to invest in van Insurance for your business van, this is important, particularly if your van is prone to dents and scratches as a result of your day to day business.

Break in your new van properly

When you buy a new van for your business, it has to be broken into with care so that it performs optimally throughout its use. Don’t drive your new business van with a high RPM for a few days or weeks. Also, utilize all the gears, and vary your speed for the first few weeks.

Your new van will definitely come with an owner’s manual, read it properly for details on how to break into your new van. If the van is not driven properly at the beginning, it can result in performance issues down the road.

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