5 Commons Reasons Why Cars Suddenly Stop When Driving

posted by Chris Valentine

It goes without saying that you don’t want your car to breakdown no matter where you are. If your car breaks down amidst heavy traffic, it may put you and the others on the road in danger. On the other hand, if this happens in the middle of nowhere, you may not be able to get assistance quickly. This is why its recommended that you should invest in used cars for sale in Dubai that are reliable and keep them well-maintained. This guide by will help you be aware of the common causes of car breakdowns.

1. Forgetting to refill your tank: This is the number one cause behind abrupt shutting down of engines. That’s why it is important to keep an eye on your fuel gauge and get your tank refilled regularly. Many people take chances and continue driving despite the low fuel warning. This can be extremely risky and dangerous. In some cases, your fuel gauge might be faulty and not warn you ahead of time when your tank is running low on fuel. In this case, you should get a professional to examine your fuel gauge and replace it if necessary. 

2. Trouble with the ignition switch: When the ignition switch is faulty, your engine can lose its power, which ultimately results in your car stopping. Remember that ignition switch faults don’t tend to affect things like your headlights. If the engine suddenly stops but then starts again, it’s probably due to an ignition switch issue and you should get it checked and fixed by a professional as soon as possible. 

3. Alternator issues: If your car’s alternator isn’t working properly, it may not provide enough power to the electrical system and as a result the battery of your car gets drained. When the power supply is affected it may cause your car to abruptly shut down. If the battery is drained and the alternator is unable to charge it, you won’t be able to start the car without assistance. 

4. Problems with the fuel system: Another common component that is responsible for abruptly shutting down cars is a faulty fuel pump. After all, it’s your car’s fuel pump that provides a steady supply of fuel to the engine. A clogged fuel filter could also be the cause behind a car breakdown

5. Overheating: This may have become the stereotype for a car breakdown, but it can happen. Overheating can damage your engine, so keep an eye on the temperature gauge of your car. Check and top up the coolant regularly and always do so before going on a long trip. 

The most important thing to remember in case your car shuts down is to stay calm. You should ideally park your car at the side of a road till help arrives. The next important step is to flash your emergency lights so that others on the road are aware that your car has broken down. 

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