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Carstache and Carlashes – Fun Car Accessories

posted by Chris Valentine

If you want bizarre car fashions, and you want to get strange looks when driving around town, give these fun car accessories a look.

The Carstache

The “carstache” is just what it sounds like – a mustache for your car grill. Are mustaches coming back into style? For people – probably not. But for cars – who knows? But a company called Carstache certainly would like to think so.

Car Stache

The website says that they made the product:

because we think it’s funny and it makes people smile. No other reason. When people see a Carstache® on the streets they laugh, wave, thumbs-up, fist pump, gun flex, wink wink, kiss kiss, you name it.

We wonder if Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds have one for their cars.


A company called Turbo Style Products, which formed in January 2010, created “Carlashes” – eyelashes for your car. Their web site says that the company mission is to be THE leading supplier for “female automotive aftermarket products”. So they have eye lash things that go over your car headlights. What’s next? Car lipstick to go on the bumper?

Car Lashes
Car Lashes

We never really noticed how much the front of an automobile looks like a face. Somebody should quickly invent fake noses for it.

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