Things Panel Beaters might miss

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There are many Things Panel Beaters might miss

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Every day in Australia there are hundreds of vehicles involved in road traffic accidents that will need to be taken into an auto repair shop. Some will require major work, some may be write offs and cannot be repaired at all and others may just need dents removed or panels replaced.

Your insurance company may instruct you on which garage specialising in smash repairs to use, or you may have the choice. K&W are panel beaters in Perth who provide professional panel beating and smash repair services to customers all over the city.

Inspect your vehicle before handing it over

When a vehicle from an accident is to be sent to a body shop, a recovery service team will be sent to the location of the accident. Before your vehicle is moved, it is important that both parties involved in the accident exchange insurance and contact information. This is a crucial step, so the garage the situation regarding each vehicle. This will also be important for the insurance companies to assess and validate the damage of the vehicle and the repairs needed.

Take Photos

Many drivers now have dash cameras in their vehicles that records everything that happens while driving. This can be invaluable information in the case of a traffic accident claim. If you do not have a dash cam, you should try wherever possible to take photos of your vehicle, not only for claim evidence, but so you know what scratches and dents were on the vehicle at the time, and you can refer to this if your vehicle once repaired is returned with any scratches or bits missing from the carThere may be some things missed after the repair of your vehicle or the replacement of a panel.

5 things to check if a panel on your vehicle has been repaired or replaced.

  1. The panel may not fit correctly – Check that the panel fits correctly on your vehicle and does not stand out or have wide gaps

  2. Correct paint matching – If you have unusual paint on your car, make sure the colour has been correctly matched. The last thing you want is to be driving around with a two toned car.

  3. Car badges – If the repair is to the front or back of the vehicle it is worth checking to make sure the badge has been replaced

  4. Towbars – Make sure these are put back on after the repair, after all they probably cost you to have them put on in the first place

  5. Trim Clips – Make sure all the trim clips are replaced. Some garages will use the originals and have been known to fill missing gaps with sealant. This can damage the paint on the car later if you try to remove them

Before you leave the garage, you should make it a habit to always check everything after your vehicle has been in for a repair. It is much easier to indent and get things corrected there and then, rather than afterwards when you have already taken the vehicle home.

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