Top 4 Cars With Best Resale Value, According to KBB

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Everyone knows that every brand new car loses its value the moment you drive it off the lot. It’s just a fact of the car-buying world. The most important thing to consider when you’re shopping for a new vehicle, then, how great its resale value will be.

To save you the time and research, we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the four cars with best resale value in 2020. This list is based on data from Kelly Blue Book (KBB), the country’s most renowned car experts.

Best Sedan: Subaru Impreza

Sedans are the benchmark for measuring car performance. They’re compact, they’re maneuverable, and they’re a great option for all categories of vehicle owners. For that reason, we’re going to start this list with 2020’s top-performing sedan.

According to KBB, the sedan with the best resale value this year is the Subaru Impreza. With options for automatic and manual transmissions, this vehicle is set to meet any car shopper’s needs. It doesn’t have the best gas mileage (23mpg and 31 mpg for city and highway, respectively), but it makes up for it with its 5-star safety rating and top-of-the-line technology.

Best Hybrid: Toyota Prius Prime

Not everyone is ready—or able—to upgrade to a completely electric car. That doesn’t mean you’re out of options for cutting down your carbon footprint, though. Hybrid vehicles are the perfect option for people who are starting the transition from purely gas-fueled vehicles but don’t have the capability for a fully electric car.

For 2020, the best hybrid car on the market is the Toyota Prius Prime. This hybrid boasts a combined gas mileage of 51mpg (or 133mpg on electric alone). It also has a shared approval rating of 4.7-stars from both experts and consumers.

Best Minivan: Honda Odyssey

Minivans will always be the vehicle of choice for families with children. As you can imagine, then, great minivans have some of the best resale values of any vehicles on the market.

This year’s Honda Odyssey is no exception. With its sleek style, supreme comfort, and 5-star across-the-board safety ratings, there’s no wonder why. This isn’t a minivan that teenagers will be embarrassed by, but it still offers all the security and reliability that parents crave. KBB anticipates that these features will make the Honda Odyssey a top-seller for years to come.

Best Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck: Chevrolet Silverado HD

If you’re in the market for a pickup, odds are you need a truck that can handle some heavy-duty hauling. Whether that means furniture, tools, landscaping equipment, or something else entirely, KBB named 2020’s Chevrolet Silverado HD the winner in terms of resale value.

The Chevy Silverado HD comes in 2 different size models: the 2500 and the 3500. Both of these are bigger, better versions of the standard 1000 and 1500 models, respectively, with extra cab space and 6.6L V8 engines for added power. It also has 6 seats, making it a solid option for a family car, too.

Best of all, and like every other vehicle on KBB’s list, it has a 5-star safety rating with low risk of rolling or spinning.

Didn’t Buy One of 2020’s Cars with Best Resale Value?

If you’ve recently purchased a new car that didn’t make KBB’s best resale value list for 2020, you might be worried about your financial future.

Don’t be—whether your car is brand new or an ancient heap of trash, you’re never out of options. Depending on where you’re selling, it’s just as easy to get cash for junk cars as it is to trade in a vehicle with the highest possible resale value.

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