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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse if You are in Arlington Texas

posted by Chris Valentine

You might not think it will ever happen. You might even think it’s impossible and can’t happen. But suppose you’re wrong and the zombie apocalypse actually happened.

Now suppose that you are in Arlington Texas when the zombie apocalypse happens.  What would you do to stay alive? If you watch shows like The Walking Dead or Z Nation perhaps you’ve picked up some valuable tips on how to survive when the dead walk. But if not then you would be completely unable to manage during that chaotic time.

Because we want you to be one of the survivors, we put together a list of things to do keep you alive if you are in Arlington during the zombie apocalypse.

As a disclaimer we do not guarantee that any of these tips will keep you alive. However if the dead fill the streets, what have you got to lose by trying a few things that could help you stay safe.

Find a Doctor

The first place you want to go is to a medical center to see if you can find a doctor. Doctors are the most valuable people during the zombie apocalypse. They can potentially save someone who’s been bitten, tell you if someone who is bitten will become a zombie or not, and find a cure.

We recommend that you do not go to a hospital however because the emergency rooms in hospitals will be filled. Instead go to The Emergency Center. This standalone emergency room type treatment enter has the right doctors you want to connect with during the zombie apocalypse. You do not want to run through an emergency room dodging zombies and looking for a doctor, only to discover that you have found a podiatrist. You want a doctor that specializes in emergency room type treatment. The Emergency Center only has these types of doctors, so if you go there you are guaranteed to find the type of doctor you need.

Make sure you find other humans

In the middle of the zombie apocalypse you don’t want to be alone. Zombies move in groups of at least five and sometimes up to 100. If it’s a small group there is a decent chance you might be able to fight them off alone, but for a large group you definitely need help.

You should look for people that are in good health, that understand the situation at hand, and value you as much as you value them. When you first meet these people you need to be careful. Some people only connect with other people so they can feed them to zombies then run away. You need to make sure that you have not surrounded yourself with these kinds of people.

So in the beginning keep an eye on the zombies but also keep an eye on the other humans. You may find you have two groups that you have to fight. If you find that your humans are not looking out for your best interests, slip away during the night or during a zombie fight, and then find different humans.

Find weapons

Everyone that survives in the zombie apocalypse will have to be able to use a variety of weapons. These will include guns, knives, machetes, axes, sticks, rocks, and several other different household and gardening tools. You need to gather as many of these types of weapons that you can use, and have them ready to deploy quickly. Most of these weapons don’t need training but in the case of guns, you might need to find a place to practice. But be careful because shooting will attract zombies. So practice in a big field where you can run away if zombies begin to chase you.

Where to go

Many people think that the best place to go during the zombie apocalypse is AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play. This is a bad decision. Yes you can go on to the open field and see where any zombies may come for you, but there are too many blind spots, and places for zombies to hide. In other words, the chances of you getting eaten are excellent.  So do not go to AT&T Stadium, Global Life Park where the Texas Rangers play and do not go to Sixx Flags either because zombies like theme park rides. Instead stick to the streets like E Randol Mill Road, West Division Street or West Mitchell Street where you can find other humans, homes and small businesses where you can find supplies. Good luck.

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