Can children use memory foam pillows?

posted by Chris Valentine

Memory foam pillows have become very popular over the last few years. The foam was already widely used in mattresses and is loved because of the comfort it offers. Memory foam pillows offer the same comfort, but now for your neck and head. Memory foam has the unique quality of molding to fit a person’s body. It offers support in all the right places and it can do wonders for people with chronic pain, frequent headaches, and sleeping problems. But can memory foam pillows also be used for children?

The many benefits of memory foam pillows

There are quite a lot of people that suffer from sleeping disorders and trouble sleeping. Luckily, there is a variety of solutions and treatments to help people sleep better. A memory foam pillow is one of these solutions. It has many benefits for users young and old.

Spine alignment

The best pillows are pillows that offer proper support and that keep the spine aligned. This is needed for the muscles and ligaments to relax. A memory foam pillow aligns the spine and gives the best possible support for your neck and head.

Relief from pressure points

A lot of people experience aching muscles in the neck, shoulder, and back. A memory foam pillow offers relief from pressure points by distributing the weight equally.

Stability against motion transfer

Some people are naturally restless sleepers and this goes especially for kids. The motions at night can actually keep them awake and wake up partners in the same bed or room. Memory foam mattresses are well-known to stabilize and reduce motion transfer. Memory foam pillows can do the same. This improves the quality of sleep immensely.

Headache relief

A lot of people suffer from frequent or ongoing headaches. A lot of these headaches actually originate in the shoulders or neck. By relieving the neck and the head, the muscles get the chance to relax and the headaches can drastically improve. 


Memory foam is hypoallergenic: this means that people with allergies can safely use the mattress or the pillows. The product is resistant to dust mites and bacteria and therefore won’t trigger any symptoms like regular pillows tend to do.


Memory foam is very easy to mold and therefore it can be shaped into pretty much any form. This is why memory foam is often used to make orthopedic pillows. It can fit everyone’s needs.

Suited for most sleepers

Whether you are a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or a high sleeper: the memory foam pillow can offer great support with your sleep style. The pillows are not that well suited for stomach sleepers, though. They sleep better with a flatter pillow. 

Good pricing

Although memory foam pillows are usually higher in price than the average pillow, it does offer great value for money. The memory foam pillow offers great sleep and a luxury feel at a lower price than a lot of high-end pillows.

Can children use memory foam pillows?

A lot of parents wonder if memory foam pillows are safe for children. It’s not a strange concern. Since memory foam molds to the form of the head and neck, people have concerns about the breathability and safety of children. We can assure, though, that a memory foam kids pillow is perfectly safe and offers enough breathability for children. Any child of three years and up can safely use a memory foam pillow at night and some companies even offer memory pillows for children as young as two years old. 

A memory foam kids pillow can be very beneficial for children. Especially kids who have trouble sleeping or are restless at night can find a lot of comfort and ease in a memory foam kids pillow. And the best part is that it’s also available as an adjustable bed pillow for kids. This way, the pillow can be adjusted to personal preferences and grow along with your child.

What to consider

If you want to buy an adjustable bed pillow for kids or a memory foam pillow, do make sure that you buy it from a reliable brand or reseller. This way you know that the pillow is made in adherence to safety standards. Also, make sure to buy a pillow that is specifically designed for children. The pillow needs to fit their body size and shape to be beneficial for their sleep and spine alignment. 

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