How to Keep Your Child Occupied While You Work at Home

posted by Chris Valentine

Working from home can be an ideal situation for many. Imagine yourself not having to wake up early to get ready and beat the rush as you make your way to the office. You may have deadlines to meet, but you work at your own pace without worrying about anyone looking over your shoulder checking on what you have finished doing so far. You get to eat your home-cooked meal and are not rushing to get home to prepare one for the family. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

However, if you have children at home who continuously demand your attention, being productive when it comes to work can be a little more challenging. It can be even more so when it is a younger child who is not quite capable of entertaining themselves independently yet. For a child aged 4 to 10, a Playmobil Zoo complete with animal figures is sure to keep them busy for hours, one of the most educational toys that keep young ones engaged.

If you work from home and are looking for ways to keep your child occupied during your working hours, here are some useful suggestions.

Find a space where your child can play

Any area of your home can be your child’s playground. This is where they can make a mess and not worry about what mommy has to say. It doesn’t have to be an expansive area. The important thing is that your child takes control of the space and is free to do anything to keep them busy. You could add a table and chair for drawing and other activities. A rubber mat is an excellent addition. Fill the space with the things that they enjoy. Knowing that they have their personal space gives a child a sense of independence and allows them to be creative. They are free to create, imagine, and explore ideas that are helpful in their emotional and mental development.

Get them books

Books are one of the best things that you can give your child. When you read them together, you immediately form a strong bond. If your child is not quite proficient in reading, many books have fewer words and more pictures. They can use their imagination as they go through the pages and create stories of their own. Books can also enhance the IQ of a child. As they read, they learn more about the world around them and the different situations that people face in life. They understand how to empathize and be emotionally connected. Not only are they preoccupied, but they are also learning in the process.

Provide them with arts and crafts materials

Arts and crafts are fun and are one of the best ways to boost your child’s creativity. If you see that they love to draw, encourage them by providing whatever materials they need for creating artwork. These art materials are not expensive but can keep your child happily preoccupied while you work. Bring in crayons, watercolours, paint brushes, construction paper, and markers. If your child enjoys making figures, provide them with play dough or clay, so they can get to work. Little girls enjoy paper dolls and dressing them up too.

There are many other activities you can come up with to keep your little one busy. Make their time at play productive too while you get your work done.

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