The 7 Pros And Cons of Owning a Pet in College

posted by Chris Valentine

Pets are with time becoming an essential part of every family. According to various studies, pets are known to increase the family’s bonding, happiness as well as, a feeling of responsibility among the children. While growing up, most probably you had a dog, and it was your duty to make sure that it ate and remained clean. Such tasks made one learn how to handle simple responsibilities. After joining college, many are lucky to own the first pet while others still find it difficult. In this article, I will highlight the seven pros and cons of owning a pet in college.


  • You exercise more…

College life may at times be filled with a lot of idle time. Most people tend to spend their free time watching movies, or hanging out with roommates. However, owning a pet, a dog, for example, motivates one to exercise a lot. Pets are an excellent companion during the morning or evening runs. Also, taking a dog for a walk is a form of exercise, and it’s healthy for oneself. Besides, we both know that pets are playful and playing with them gets one extra active.

  • They are good friends…

There is nothing that feels amazing than coming to your room and finding your little puppy waiting for you at the door, happy. This appearance gives one a feeling of love. As stated earlier, pets are excellent companions, especially on those nights of paper writings.

  • They will make you laugh often…

Various studies have revealed that pets are the best stress reducers. They are always happy to see you. The unconditional love that they show ensures that you’re ever smiling regardless of your current mood. Joining college may be the first time you’re away from home. The situation can be sad to many people. However, owning a pet keeps one always happy and occupied.

  • You learn to be responsible…

Owning a pet is a commitment. Many platforms insist that it’s the same as having a child. It comes with responsibilities. Having a puppy, for example, ensures that you learn how to handle the significant tasks such as washing it, taking it for a walk, or even booking it an appointment with a vet. Such duties may seem ordinary, but are an excellent way to prepare one for the future as a parent.


  • They are expensive

As stated earlier, having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. They require regular visits to the vet, treats, meals and even toys. In college, many students have little cash to take care of their needs. Therefore, owning one might be expensive, especially in a college setting where you’re expected to save more.

  • It’s hard to find an apartment

With the rising number of college enrolments annually, securing a hostel is usually challenging. The situation may even worsen when you own a pet. Not many apartments are willing to allow pets within the rooms, and this may see you part ways with your lovely pet.

  • Your social life changes

Pets demand most of our time. They need to be looked after for the most of the day. Owning a pet while in college means that you can’t go hang out with a friend without worrying if it’s ok. Having a pet sees many people preferring to spend their time indoors instead of heading out. As a result, one ends up disconnecting from the social world which is not a good thing for a college student mainly.

Owning a pet is vital. Pets can help one improve both physically and psychologically. However, owning a pet while in college may not be a walk in the park. There are ups and downs. In this article, I’ve provided you with seven pros and cons of owning one while in college. The list can help decide whether owning a pet while still in college is good or not.

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