What Qualities to Look for in a Car Dealership

posted by Chris Valentine

The modern world is changing the way most people make purchases. Phones are used to buy things that appear at our door in the mail, or we make orders through our computer.

But when it comes to making a large investment on objects like cars, some things are better unchanged — dealerships have the expertise, support, and choice that will help you make such an important choice with confidence.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you identify the best car dealerships.

Customizations and Repairs

If the dealership you buy your car from also does repairs, you’ll be set up for years with an expert auto mechanic with whom you have an established relationship. Otherwise, finding a new mechanic that’s reliable and trustworthy is hard!

Get those fender benders expertly repaired and back in pre-collision condition with parts from the manufacturer. Get custom ROUSH performance modifications, as well as custom packages for the Mustang or F-Series pick-up truck.

Plus, it’ll be easier to customize your Ford and you’ll feel more comfortable when the people doing it are the same people you bought the car from. They know the vehicles inside out, and you’ll already be familiar with the dealership; being a long-term customer means you’ll get preferential treatment that often comes when businesses repay customers for their loyalty.

Local, Family-Owned Fixture

How long has the dealership been in operation? The longer they have been there, the more encouraging it is. It’s ideal if you can find one that’s been passed down for generations through the family. This way, you know that the sensibility which has guided it in business for so many years is still at the helm.

Family-owned dealerships are often also able to offer flexible personal and business short- and long-term vehicle leasing options, with rates above and beyond the manufacturer. From 24, 36, 48 to 60 months, they usually can accommodate whatever you need, and offer quick and easy upgrade options and a great lease buyout program.

Wide Selection

It’s very important that the dealership you patronize have a truly vast selection of vehicles, so you can compare and contrast different models and trims. You can read about these cars and hear about it from our experts, but nothing replaces seeing them with your own eyes and feeling what they’re like to drive.

Most dealerships can arrange to have whatever vehicle sent to their premises, but this dramatically slows down the process. It’s best to be able to go there, see all the vehicles you’re considering purchasing in one place at one time, so you can drive away in the car you need quickly.

Technology changes very quickly in this modern world, but people still need the same great service when car shopping. Visiting a dealership is still a great way to go. Just make sure they have a wide selection of vehicles on the lot, that’s it’s been family-run for years, and can also service the car throughout its lifetime.

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