Modern Updates for a Classic SUV

posted by Chris Valentine

The Lincoln Navigator has been perhaps the most famous full-size luxury SUV since hitting the market in 1998, but it’s changed a lot over the years, especially in the last few. Today’s Lincoln Navigator has the same underlying approach to luxury to those of past years, but it includes a slew of technological features which make the vehicle more entertaining to be inside and safer to drive.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the awesome technology inside the latest Lincoln Navigator.

Easy to Get In and Out

The 3-row SUVs of the past used to take more work to enter the back seat, but today’s Navigator has been redesigned to be simpler. With the press of a button, the second row seats tilt and slide out of the way, to make getting in and out easy for everybody.

You’ll appreciate how convenient this is when driving in day-to-day situations, when ferrying multiple passengers on short trips. Speak to your local Lincoln dealer to find the best rates to finance or lease a Lincoln Navigator that will make your life easier.

Vehicle is a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Keeping connected will be a breeze for everyone since the Lincoln Navigator itself is its own Wi-Fi hotspot. As many as 10 devices can access a 4G LTE connection at the same time, whether you’re inside the vehicle or even 50 feet away.

You and your passengers won’t have to use up your data to keep connected to their email or stream video content or music. This will make long drives go by in a breeze.

Drive Confidently

A slate of driver-assist features will help make driving easier and safer for you, your passengers and everybody on the road. For example, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking uses radars to read the road and ready the vehicle for an emergency stop when it detects the presence of pedestrians or other vehicles.

The vehicle will even apply the brakes automatically if the driver is unable to take corrective action. This can significantly mitigate or even avoid a collision.

The Heads-Up Display projects driving information you deem essential onto the windshield, so you can know what’s going on without having to take your eyes off the road. Whether it’s basic information like the speedometer or data pertaining to the Navigator’s advanced Lane-Keeping System and Adaptive Cruise Control settings, whatever you want to know will be cast right in your line of sight.

Enhanced active park assist makes both parallel and perpendicular parking easy — ultrasonic sensors locate an available spot, and all the driver has to do is control the brake, shifter and accelerator while the vehicle steers itself into the spot.

The Lincoln Navigator is the first vehicle people think of when they imagine eight people riding in sumptuous comfort and style, but the latest generation of technology inside the 2020 Lincoln Navigator takes this legendary SUV into another gear altogether. Come to your local dealership for a test drive to see and feel the benefits of these features and more.

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