The Ultimate Guide to the Most Reliable Car Brands

posted by Chris Valentine

Deciding between different car brands can seem like an impossible task. Although flashy advertisements make it seem like all cars are created equal, in reality, that’s not true. There’s a clear difference between a well-built car and a cheaply built one.

So how can you tell the difference? What are some of the top car brands?

Keep reading for a breakdown of some of the most reliable car brands.


Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer known for making high-quality vehicles. In fact, finding a poorly made Honda is a difficult task.

Car models such as the Accord and the Civic provide passengers with ample room, cargo space, and a variety of features they can use. They also come with better fuel efficiency than their rivals, all for a more affordable price. Although their reliability ratings aren’t quite as high as some of their competitors, they excel everywhere else.


Do you remember those “zoom-zoom” commercials? Those were courtesy of the Japanese company, Mazda.

Today, Mazda has come a long way. The company offers a number of models that outshine competitors and enjoy being at the top of their class. The Miata is an incredible sports car with a stylish interior. Meanwhile, the Mazda3 has excellent fuel efficiency, as well as a beautiful cabin.

At one point in time, Mazda cars began using a Torsen limited slip differential. To learn more, check out this Miata Torsen buyers guide.


Buick was the company that established General Motors in 1908. Over a hundred years later, the brand consistently receives high-reliability ratings.

Buick offers many cars that give a luxurious feel. They feature premium spacious interiors decked out with the latest tech, letting you get to your destination in style. Yet their non-luxury car line also doesn’t disappoint, with cars such as the Regal and LaCrosse treating passengers like royalty.


Mini is a British subsidiary of the German automotive company BMW. It offers a range of small cars.

Many Mini cars, such as the Cooper and the Cooper Clubman, are speedy and quick. They offer stylish interiors and also come with high-reliability ratings. Although pricier than their competitors, many would argue that they’re worth the extra money. If you need a small car you can count on, consider a Mini.


Toyota is another Japanese car manufacturer. Today, it is the 10th largest company in the world in terms of revenue.

Toyota has a history of making affordable and practical cars. All Toyota cars achieve high scores in reliability, as well as safety. Models such as the Prius are also famous for being eco-friendly and gas efficient, letting you get from place to place without having to stop multiple times at the pump.

Choose From the Most Reliable Car Brands

When shopping for a new car, the number of choices can seem overwhelming. Yet by following this guide and choosing a car from the most reliable car brands, you’ll be certain that your journey will be a safe one.

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