Can A Car Accident Lawyer Ithaca NY Help You?

posted by Chris Valentine

Being injured in a car accident in Ithaca, NY, is something that you should always take seriously. Generally, it’s your right to get represented by a car accident lawyer for your claims. However, you might be asking yourself how a legal professional can help you in dealing with the insurance company and recovering the compensation you deserve.

To answer that question in your mind, read on to learn how a car accident lawyer in Ithaca, NY, can help you with your car accident case.

Use Their Knowledge And Skills To Defend You

Getting represented by a lawyer can have a positive impact on your situation. While you’re paying attention to your physical recovery, the car accident lawyer you hire will exhaust all their knowledge and skills to help you with your claim. Since you might have a hard time understanding the law on your own, they’ll be there to make legal matters less stressful for you.

Essentially, a dedicated car accident lawyer in Ithaca, NY, has valuable years of experience in handling car accidents and the laws applicable to it. Aside from legal representation, they’ll not hesitate to provide you with legal advice about the potential consequences of the accident and how the party at-fault will be held liable for the injuries you’ve incurred.

That’s why it’s always an excellent option to hire a lawyer who can use their understanding of the law to advance your best interests.

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Face The Insurance Company For You

Ideally, the primary goal of insurance companies is to make money. They deploy highly-trained insurance adjusters who’ll do their best to reduce the amount of your insurance proceeds. Thus, if you don’t have any background in negotiating with them, it might be difficult for you to get a full benefit settlement claim. This is where hiring a trustworthy car accident lawyer becomes beneficial.

Having someone who can legally handle the insurance company for you can be advantageous to your case. In most cases, they’ll not only speak to the insurance adjuster on your behalf, but will make sure they’ll defend your rights in obtaining the compensation that’s rightfully yours.

Help You Calculate The Real Value Of Your Injuries

Another way a car accident lawyer can help you is by determining the actual value of your injuries. They’ll do everything they can to ensure you’ll receive the appropriate compensation that you rightfully deserve.

They’ll also see to it that all your losses will be included in the computation of your settlement. These may include the lost wages, lost hours of work, past and future bills, and many more.

Work For A Contingency Fee

In several cases, hiring a lawyer requires you to pay them for the services they’ve rendered, regardless if you get a favorable result or not. However, this doesn’t apply to car accident cases because most lawyers will work for a contingency. This means that you’ll only have to pay them once you win the case and get the compensation you want.

Although this might not be ideal for most lawyers, this, on the other hand, is in your best interest as it doesn’t carry many risks. Instead of worrying about how you can pay them for their representation, all you need to do is to focus on more important things, like your recovery.

File A Personal Injury Lawsuit If Needed

If you’ll be left with no choice but to file a personal injury lawsuit in court as your last legal option, then a car accident lawyer can help you streamline the process. In short, they’ll represent on your behalf in all court proceedings. They’ll ensure that your rights aren’t prejudiced by the insurance company and the other party responsible for your injuries.

Also, even before the case is brought to court, your lawyer is always ready to file a lawsuit if it’s the only way you can recover compensation from the adverse party.

Prove Liability Of The Party Involved In The Car Accident

Filing a claim for compensation means you need to prove the negligence of the other party involved in the car crash, which is the job of a car accident lawyer in Ithaca, NY. They’ll collect all the pieces of evidence and relevant information that’ll show that the other party is responsible for the injuries you’ve sustained as a result of the accident.

Remember, your lawyer will use the evidence to strengthen your claim and improve your chances of winning the case.


Moving on from the aftermath of a severe car accident in Ithaca can be a challenging experience. With all the emotional, mental, and physical effects of the injuries you’ve incurred, you need to fight for your rights by claiming compensation for all your losses.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to find and work with the best car accident or personal injury lawyer in Ithaca, NY, who can help you achieve a favorable result. That way, you can go back to your normal life quickly and conveniently.

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