When Should I Junk My Car? A Simple Guide

posted by Chris Valentine

More people are choosing to junk their cars each year to avoid the inconvenience of selling their vehicles. Junking your car can be an appropriate option if you’ve had your car for a long time and needs a lot of repairs.

But there’s also a lot of other things to consider. If you’re wondering, “when should I junk my car,” check out the article!

Constant Repairs

One of the main factors to consider in deciding to junk your car is the repairs. If you’re constantly repairing your vehicle, it’s best to junk it.

Repairs and maintenance can rack up a lot of money, reflecting the deterioration of a car. If you’re paying for repairs each month even for little problems, you’re probably spending more money than you think.

In these cases, trying to resell your car is difficult and may not be worth it.

Buyers don’t want to buy a car that will need frequent repairs. Junking the vehicle will give you quick money and is a lot less hassle.

To give you an idea of the financial breakdown, you can look into the junk car value for your vehicle.

Your Car Has Exceeded 150,000 Miles

Another consideration for junking your car is if it has exceeded 150,000 miles. The resale value of cars decreases once a vehicle surpasses the 150,000-mile mark.

You won’t get a lot of compensation for reselling a car with super high mileage.

So, if you’re not having any problems, you should keep driving it. However, once your vehicle is displaying issues of deterioration, go ahead and junk it.

Your Car Has a Bad Safety Rating

The safety rating of your vehicle shouldn’t ever be overlooked. The safety rating is determined based on your vehicle’s ability to deflect damaging forces if ever in an accident.

If your car has a bad safety rating, you’re putting yourself at risk by driving it. You may want to consider junking it and buying a new car.

Your Family Has Grown

If you’ve just added a new member to your family, you may need a bigger car. Your old car may not be spacious enough for a baby seat, so you’ll probably want to upgrade.

Instead of getting a new car and letting your old car collect dust in the garage, why not get some money for it? Junking it saves you the stress of having to sell it, especially if its an older car.

When Should I Junk My Car? Now You Know

Next time you’re wondering “when should I junk my car,” you’ll have an answer. By carefully examining your car using these factors, you’ll have a clear idea of when it’s time to junk it.

It can be difficult letting go of a beloved car, but sometimes junking it is the most cost-effective thing to do. Plus, it’s not something you’ll regret in the long-term!

So start making your new car plans today!

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