Rehab Facilities in Atlanta

posted by Chris Valentine

People who want to refer a friend or loved one to an addiction rehab center often go to the internet to find information.  There they can find the names of many different rehab facilities in and around the Atlanta region. 

When looking for Atlanta rehab facilities, there are several important points to consider.

  • Type:  Is the rehab facilities in-patient or out-patient?

This is the type of question that needs input from the patient’s doctor or counselor.  Does the counselor feel that the addiction is severe enough that the patient needs to be removed from his home? Does the counselor feel that the patient would do better if he was removed from close friends and family?  Then the patient would need to be in an in-patient facility.

If the doctor or counselor feels that the patient is early in his addiction and that he does not need full-time supervision, then perhaps an out-patient facility will be enough support for the patient to overcome his addiction.

  • Location:  Does the patient need something close to his home?  This is another point where the circumstances of the placement are important. If a patient’s doctor feels that a short-term out-patient program would be the best placement, then the rehab facilities need to be close to the patient’s home. 

If the doctor or counselor feels that an in-patient program is needed, perhaps the patient needs a program that allows visitors.  In this case, again the program needs to be close to home. In a big city like Atlanta, Atlanta rehab facilities can sometimes be found in an area closest to the patient’s home.

If the counselor feels that an in-patient program is necessary and the doctor feels that visitors would not be helpful, then the location of the facility is not that important. 

  • Cost: What does the program cost?  This is where things can really get tricky.  Insurance coverage for rehab facilities can vary widely.  Some insurance companies cover only out-patient care.  Some insurance policies have huge deductibles, while others have only a small deductible.  The cost of in-patient care can be quite expensive.  Some employers offer employee assistance programs when an employee has an addiction problem.  But some employee assistance programs only cover support after the patient has completed rehab. 
  • Belief system:  Some rehab facilities are faith-based while some are secular.  It is important to find out which kind of facility the patient wants or needs.  If the patient has a very strong belief system, attends church services regularly, and feels that he is a vital part of his faith community, he might progress rapidly at a faith-based facility.

On the other hand, if the patient comes from a family where faith was never emphasized, he might have been raised in a family that did not attend any church services.  If he has no connection to any particular belief system, a faith-based rehab facility might be very off-putting to him.  Sometimes that sort of facility might be hard for him to understand, and therefore hard for him to make progress. 

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