How Does Detox Differ From Rehab?

posted by Chris Valentine

There is a big difference between detoxing from drugs by yourself and checking into rehab as an inpatient. It is important that you decide which of these methods will work best for you when trying to get yourself off drugs. It is worth noting that a huge amount of willpower will be required, whichever method you choose. The differences between the two are explained in more detail below.

Detoxing from drugs

One of the most important things to remember in the detox vs rehab debate is that all former drug users have had to detox at some point. This will get rid of the toxins in your body that are there because of your drug use. As these toxins get removed then your body enters into withdrawal as it will be craving the drugs. This is the point where a lot of people fail in their efforts to stop taking drugs because the withdrawal stage is so hard to get through. This stage will start to occur about twenty four hours after you took drugs for the last time. The detox period will last for about seven days in total but once you have got through this then the rest of the work can begin.


Your doctor can help you with any medical attention that you require, although this may need to be during their opening hours. Some people find it helpful to have a friend or family member stay with them when they are detoxing.

Attending a rehab facility

For some people this is the only way that they are able to get off drugs once and for all. The fact that they are completely separate from their normal lives gives them the space they need to get through their treatment program successfully. One of the biggest advantages of attending a rehab facility is that there are always trained staff on hand to help you when needed. It also helps the patient to discover the reasons why they started taking drugs in the first place and how they can avoid them in the future.

Going through the withdrawal stage in a rehab facility is often easier because there are people there who can help you through the most difficult times. They are also on hand to provide pain relief when it is needed. The amount of time that you spend in rehab will depend on a number of factors such as how well you respond to your treatment and your own personal circumstances. The average stay is around thirty days and this is a good starting point when you are planning your stay.

Giving up drugs or any other substance that you are addicted to is never easy and you should ask for as much help as you need. For some people this does mean checking into a residential facility, but others are able to do it while remaining at home. By all means get advice from others about what worked for them, but you need to remember that ultimately it is about what is going to work for you.

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