A Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Fortune Telling: All About Your Life

posted by Chris Valentine

Fortune telling has been a hot topic for centuries — from ancient Greek oracles to Psychic photo reading, people have been drawn to those who claim to have insight into the future. One of the oldest forms of fortune telling is coffee reading, wherein a psychic is said to uncover your personal future based on a simple cup of coffee.

What Is Coffee Fortune Telling?

Coffee reading is a form of tasseography, a school of fortune telling based on analyzing things like tea leaves, wine sediments and of course, coffee grounds. Specifically, Arabic and Turkish coffees are most commonly used for tasseography due to the very thick sediment they leave behind; when the drinker is finished with the coffee, a psychic will interpret the symbolism of the sediment in the bottom of the cup. Based on this, the drinker is able to glean bits of information about their personal future.

Where Does It Come From?

Having deep-rooted origins with the Romani nomads of the Balkan Peninsula, tasseography followed the trade routes of tea and coffee across the world. Specifically, coffee reading is said to have gained traction in Turkey during the 16th century. Beginning in the 19th century, cups and saucers were specifically produced for the art of tasseography.

Today, cultures all over the globe have developed unique methods of analyzing the grounds in a cup of coffee. In fact, the art of coffee reading is popular in Greece, Turkey, Russia and throughout Middle Eastern and Arab communities. 

How Does It Work?

Depending on where you are, you may visit a psychic in person or get your coffee fortune telling online. When you visit a psychic for a coffee reading, the first thing you’ll do is be served a cup of rich, velvety coffee on a saucer. Typically, you’ll sit and chat with the psychic while you sip on your coffee, often answering questions about your life and what you want to learn about the future. The psychic may ask you to finish the cup, or they may simply drain the rest of your cup after a certain period of time. The drinking period can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

After your cup is finished, the sediment at the bottom will be left to fully cool for at least 5 minutes. During this time, the sediments may slide around the bottom of the cup and ultimately form the patterns and symbols that will be interpreted. If you want to learn about your relationships, the cup needs to be set back down on the saucer. For those curious about the future of their finances, a coin will be placed on the back of the mug. Most other inquiries can be answered with the cup as is.

After the psychic has finished reading your mug, anything you have placed on it (such as a coin) will be returned to you.

What Are Common Symbols?

Coffee cups are usually divided into 5 sections for a reading:

  • Upper rim – this section is used to interpret the happenings of your present life and how they may affect your future.
  • Lower rim – this area provides general information about your future life. Here, you may gain knowledge about what the next few days or weeks will be like overall.
  • Front rim – this is the section dedicated to interpreting your financial fate.
  • Handle – coffee sediments in the handle section relay information about love and relationships.
  • Bottom – the bottom of the cup is specifically used for analyzing the future of your home life and family.

Like Psychic photo reading, there are countless symbols that may be seen and each reader may interpret them differently, but a few symbols tend to stand out among the others. If the cup sticks to the saucer and the two can be lifted together as one, this is what’s known as a Prophet’s Cup; this indicates that all of the readings from the session will come true.

If the fallen grounds in your cup come together to form a pile, money is said to be coming your way. If a large chunk of ground falls out of the cup and onto the saucer, it means your troubles will soon be over. 

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