Roger Wolfson – Rise and Shine, Clear Benefits of Waking Up Early

posted by Chris Valentine

Lifestyle coach Roger Wolfson used to have this saying on his YouTube channel that an hour before 9 is worth 2 after it, an odd statement I used to believe, yet one I now know to be true. Many of us can be guilty of sleeping in too late or staying up late at night, often even thinking that we are achieving a lot in doing so. The reality however is that the best way too increase your levels of productivity and your overall output, is to get up early and attack the day, and here is why those hours before 9 matter more.

Getting Ahead

No matter what your home life looks like or what job you do, it is generally accepted that there are less people up and about at 6am for example, than there are at 9am. This is why you get that feeling of getting ahead of everyone else, that early start gives you access to the advanced window, the pre-day if you like. What you can do during this time is tick off some small jobs so that you are in better shape to kickstart the day. Send the emails before your inbox blows up, get some breakfast and read the paper before you get ready to start your day or perhaps even get that little bit of exercise in whilst you can. This morning time offers you a bonus that those who sleep longer won’t get.

No Interruptions

If you are able to get up at around 530 or 6 then you are going to find very few interruptions and again this will help you to better enjoy your start to the day. Using this time you can map out your day so that you feel in control and organized when it comes to what you plan to do.


When we have jobs to do and we are not in control of getting them done, that responsibility eats away at the back of your mind, even when you aren’t aware that you are giving it any time. Now when you have multiple jobs to do the same thing can happen and we can often get very stressed out by this. Instead of allowing these tasks to eat away at you however, it is far better to use this time in the morning to get ahead and to tick off those jobs. This will give you a sense of achievement that will also provide you with a little buzz that lasts all day.

Getting to Sleep

One thing that so many who have sleep problems fail to grasp is that the best cure for insomnia or trouble staying asleep, is to actually tire yourself out. The first couple of days getting up early will be difficult but following that you will feel much more ready to sleep at night because of getting up early and actually tiring yourself out.

Why not give it a try and just see how vital those early morning hours can really be?

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