Cannabis Is Good for You, and We Have 7 Facts to Prove It

posted by Chris Valentine

A decade or two ago, marijuana was still considered a taboo. Now, the internet is full of articles explaining the health benefits of this miraculous plant.These articles do a great job of convincing people that cannabis is not the devil. On the other hand, seeing so much content on the health benefits makes people think that it can only be consumed if a doctor prescribes it.It’s not like that! Medical marijuana statistics show that there are over 1000 mixtures of Indica and Sativa strains, and all of them have a different effect on the human brain. It’s well-known that Indica makes you feel relaxed, and Sativa makes you feel energized. The mixtures have different effects, and even more of them are going to hit the market once the cannabis use becomes more widely accepted.In this article, we’ll talk about marijuana in general. What are its benefits? How can it help you achieve some of the goals that you usually struggle with? If you’re interested in finding out more about this amazing plant, keep on reading.

  1. Helps with Weight Loss 

Cannabis is known to make you go hungry. Therefore, it’s quite strange to claim that smoking marijuana can get you a flat stomach, right? Everyone would say this, but facts confirm something else.

More studies show that people who get high regularly are skinnier than those who don’t. How? There are two explanations for that. First of all, it’s because obese people are mainly struggling with overeating. They see food as their drug. Cannabis smokers focus more on cannabis rather than the food, so they eat less even though marijuana makes them feel hungry.

Second of all, and more importantly, cannabis affects the human body in different ways. It’s proven that it boosts metabolism, which leads to a body fat loss and lower cholesterol levels. Therefore, a couple of blunts a week will make you lose that chubby look.

  1. It’s an Effective Antidepressant

It’s always better to talk to a medical professional about your health issues. However, there are lots of people who are not tackling the problem of depression or anxiety in any way. Marijuana is perfect for them. 

Instead of taking antidepressants that will negatively affect the liver, stomach, and the rest of the digestive system, you can simply take a daily dose of cannabis. Everyone who feels like they need something to calm them down, and get rid of the negative thoughts, need to find the perfect strain of Indica. Actually, lots of psychiatrists are now prescribing medical marijuana for treating these problems. And why not, at least it’s natural, and it doesn’t cause any adverse effects. 

  1. Helps with Menstrual Cramps and PMS

Some women really struggle during that time of the month. The pain is unbearable, and no pain killer helps. Marijuana is a well-known analgesic that will help relieve pain. On top of that, the PMS symptoms are often accompanied by anger or aggressive behavior. A perfect dose will make both problems go away before and during the period.

  1. Makes You Creative

You can’t help but wonder—how did those great artists back in the day managed to create such fantastic music, paintings, and art in general. Were they geniuses? Did they have some special power or a superintelligent mind? 

No one can claim any of this, but what’s well-known is that most of them had some kind of creativity booster. Hemingway loved alcohol. Vincent Van Gogh was fond of Absinth, and Alister Crowley smoked marijuana. Charles Dickens used opium. Today, lots of modern artists enjoy cannabis.  

Smoking marijuana increases the sensory perception, and it also makes the person connect the dots in their brain in a completely new way. Different thoughts and ideas come together, resulting in astonishingly creative outbursts. So, if you’re an artist who can’t overcome the creative block, this is the solution! 

  1. Controls the Sleep-Wake Cycle

The well-known relaxing effect that comes from marijuana makes people fall asleep easier. The facts say that its effect fades away anywhere between two and ten hours, depending on many factors.

Over time, you’ll surely realize how long it lasts, and you’ll be able to control it. The result—falling asleep when you want to, waking up when you need to. 

  1. Makes You Better at Sports

You didn’t see this one coming, did you? It seems strange, but it’s true. The right Sativa strain will boost your dopamine, which is responsible for the energy we feel every day. Lack of dopamine means having no will to do anything else but sleep.  

A nice combination of coffee and a Sativa blunt in the morning will give you enough energy to go through the entire day. If the dose is right, it will also give you the strength and the focus to be better at sports.

  1. Turns You into a Social Being

Everyone would like to be that person who walks into a room, and everyone is happy to see them. It seems like those people have a certain quality that makes other people want to be around them. 

If you feel like you’re having trouble talking to other people, if you’re not confident or outgoing enough, or have difficulty talking to strangers, marijuana is the answer. Research from Harward claims that marijuana reduces anxiety. It means you will feel less worried, and less stressed at home, but at a party, too. 

All of this will make you become an easygoing person. It will make you want to come up to strangers, start talking, and be a generally social person that everyone likes. 


Lots of substances have been banned during the history of humankind. Times are changing, and we can expect a great future for marijuana users. The facts based on science claim that the benefits are exceptional, and there are almost no side effects that should prevent its use. 

In the future, the usage will become more liberal, and the world will be open to it. These points above prove why this liberation must happen sooner. It’s for the sake of us all. 

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