How Can I Find an Optometrist Near Me?

posted by Chris Valentine

When it come to our eyes there are a lot of different types of doctors we can go see. But you may be wondering, why all the different names for eye doctors? Well eye doctors are called different names because of what area of eye doctoring they cover and they work at different stages and levels to others. For example, there are opticians, ophthalmologists and optometrists. They all work in eye doctors but as I have just said, they work at different levels than the others. How can I find an optician, ophthalmologist and an optometrist near me? And how can I tell the difference between what they do?

First, we have an optician. Now they are usually the first person that you see when you go to an optometrist’s office, or you go to an eye care shop. Their jobs in the eye department are more to see customers. They will help size your glasses and help fitting them and adjusting if necessary. They can provide assistance in helping you pick out frames if you wanted. They also will help in an admin role around the shop. You will never find opticians treating eye conditions or diagnosing them. 

Second, we have got ophthalmologists. Now they are so different. They will have had years of training. They will perform surgery for people with all sorts of different eye related problems and help fix it. Since they are very specifically qualified, they will mostly perform eye surgery. They also will help after surgery, with rehabilitation.

And last but not least is the optometrist. Now then again, they have a similar role to that of ophthalmologists. They sometimes will perform surgery on eyes, but they can’t do as many eye operations as the ophthalmologists. They give you prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses and they do the normal eye examinations that almost everyone will have had in the past. Unlike the optician they can diagnose your eye condition. And they are most likely the person you will see for your regular eye check up. 

Now how do I find out about these doctors and if they are near me? Well, it will mean you have to go on the internet and search it up. Don’t worry it will not take long. Make sure you find a doctor that has good past experience and a doctor that has a good reputation in his reviews.

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