Ten Makeup Tricks You Must Know In 2020

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you searching for one makeup tutorial that can teach you all the tips and tricks to look fabulous? The video that can tell all the beauty hacks? For example, how to blend the foundation? How to prepare the skin before applying any makeup? Should I use a beauty blender? Or makeup brush will do the job more perfectly? There are tons of questions one has in mind regarding makeup and beauty products.

You can never be satisfied until and unless you use the products yourself and apply them according to the techniques provided in the tutorial. However, there are several beauty bloggers out there and thousands of tips. For beginners, it is quite overwhelming to select the techniques which they can easily follow that’s why they end up the following nothing. Because no one can buy all the makeup and beauty products recommended by the beauty bloggers. So what you can do that can work or find a better solution with online available courses from the institute like The Masters Institute of Health and Beauty Courses!

But firstly take easy advice:

“In our opinion, the best 2020 beauty tip for you would be to hold a brush and start doing makeup yourself. In the process, you will learn how can different things create a new look!”

The beauty business is one of the most fast-paced growing industries of the day. And being in this cut-throat industry, makeup artists, stylists, and designers are compelled to come up with new and fresh ideas almost daily. These new tricks can make our life easier if we follow them correctly. So try abandoning old and useless tricks and make yourself beautiful with these new techniques.

Here are some makeup tricks that will make you look flawless throughout the year:

1. Get The Healthy Looking Skin

Buying skincare products can be way more fruitful than investing in any other makeup products. Serums are a new blockbuster item of the beauty industry. It is surely doing great for all the skins types. Especially if you are trying to deal with dry patches, uneven skin tone, dull looks, unhealthy face, and blemishes. Because night serums work deep into the skin and correct the root causes. However, try applying serums at night. Make it a part of your night routine and do not forget to apply roller afterward. It will not just help in absorbing it but also regulate the blood flow.

2. You Do Not Have to Buy Matte Lipsticks

Instead of buying more matte lipsticks you can create your own. Matte lipsticks are way classy and in demand then the glossy and glittery ones are. But if you are having a limited stock then you can easily create one with your collection of glosses. After putting on gloss try tapping it with a tissue or apply loose powder on your lips. It will neutralize the shimmery effect and give the most matte touch to your lips.

3. Dry Your Nail Paint Easily

Tired of having to wait so long to dry your nail paint. Then try using this simple trick. For that, you do not need any fancy products but a bowl of ice-cold water. After applying nail color, dip your fingers into it. It will make your nail paint dry faster than any other trick can dry it.

4. Make Your Lip Scrub

DIY (Do It Yourself!) is the new trend of doing things. It can not only make you save a lot of money but it provides a healthy chemical-free alternative to the expensive branded beauty products. For lip scrub, you only need coconut oil and brown sugar. Make a paste and apply it on your lips daily. It is very effective for dry lips.

5. Get the Easiest Nose Job

Have you heard of rhinoplasty, a surgery that is used to shape nose! But do you know it is not necessary at all? We are not getting into a whole “you need to get comfortable in your skin,” debate but giving you an actual tip that can make your nose look exactly the way you like it to be. If you want your nose thin then apply bronzer and highlighter on both sides. It will highlight the front of your nose and make it look thin and toned.

6. Make Your Ponytail Look, More Fuller

Tying hair in a ponytail works as a casual look and a formal look as well. It depends on how and in what way you are carrying it. However, even with having a healthy-looking hair, ponytail still looks thin at times. Why is it so and how to deal with this issue? Here is an easy tip for you to make it look fuller. First, you have to backcomb your hair from the front then you have to make a ponytail. This way your hair will get more volume and appear fuller.

7. Warm Your Eyelash Curler Before Applying it On Your Eyes

But be careful, it should not be so hot. Heat the eyelash curler on a medium temperature. Because eyelashes are very thin and cannot bear the extra hot temperature. Therefore, applying a little heat can make the eyelashes curl more beautifully and wonderfully.

8. Eye Makeup Should Be Done Before Foundation and Concealer

Start your makeup with cleansing your face then moisturizing and then finally applying a primer. However, what most people do is applying eye makeup afterward. You should never apply foundation before applying eye makeup. Because on applying eyeshadow you are likely to get a fallout on your face. By applying the eyeshadow first you can clean up all the fallout before applying the foundation.

9.Dip Your Mascara in Hot Water

Try dipping mascara in hot water before applying it to your eyes. In this way, the solution becomes thinner and gives an extra smooth look to your eyes.

10. Applying Primer On Your Eyes is Compulsory

Most of us only apply primer on our faces and avoid using it on our eyelids. Mostly because it is not very handy and secondly due to fear of getting any irritation and developing any infection afterward. However, primers are eye-friendly and made to be applied to our entire face. But, make sure to see all the ingredients and confirm with your dermatologist (before using it). By applying primer, eyeshadows likely to get blended very easily and gives a more even and beautiful look.


These are the tips one can easily apply and make their makeup routine and looks more effortless and great! You can also have the choice to check the latest makeup tricks of 2020 online and can learn a lot about trends and tricks.

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