Healthy Ways to Recover from Exercising

posted by Chris Valentine

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body active and ensure you’re getting the most out of your day. Unfortunately, many think this action ends the moment you work out, possibly only adding a shower after their routine. 

Our bodies need more than that, though, so you must do everything you can to improve your healing time and give your body a fair chance.

These are the best ways to recover after a workout and why it matters.

Drink Plenty of Cool Water

Staying hydrated is vital to your workout, regardless of what type of workout you do. Water improves flexibility, allows us to replace what we lose in sweat, and ensures that we’ll stay focused. So when you’re coming down from a workout, go for a glass, or water bottle, of clean and cool water. This will help your body rehydrate, burn a couple of calories through heating the water, and will leave you feeling refreshed.  

Get Enough Sleep and Rest

It might feel strange to think that sleep is an important part of any workout, but how you rest your body and heal matters. If you don’t allow your body to heal and move past the training, you’ll find yourself always feeling tight and exhausted.

Make sure you get at least seven and a half to nine hours of sleep every night and take the time to relax after a workout. This cooldown period ensures that your muscles will heal and take on more. Schedule off-days in your workout schedule for the same reason.

Eat Healthy and Avoid Bad Diets

Your diet will leave a huge impact on your workout schedule, so make sure that you eat foods that reward your body for how hard it’s working. This means more whole foods, lean proteins: and don’t leave out carbs. Some think that a carb-free diet will leave them skinny, but we need carbs to survive. Without carbs, our brains can lose proper function and can lead to things like Alzheimer’s. As long as you don’t go overboard, carbs can be fantastic to ensure your body stays healthy.

Treat Pain With Heat and Cold

If your muscles feel tight and you’re exhausted after every single workout, it’s time to ensure that your rest is just as impactful as your vigorous workout. Heat can relax your muscles, and cold can numb the pain and swelling so that they heal faster. Look for an ice bath for sale in your area, and consider soaking in this shortly before moving into either a heated bath or a steam room. This will reduce the swelling and help you fully come down from a workout.

The Time After Your Workout Matters

Regardless of what types of workouts you’re doing: the time you spend after your workout matters. Whether you’re putting to gain muscle mass or lose fat, make sure that you’re giving yourself the chance to recover and heal from the strain this causes on your body.

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