7 Things to Know Before Seeking Australian Immigration

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you thinking of moving to Australia? Well, traveling to Australia is far different from moving there forever. Don’t you think it is arduous leaving everything behind and moving to a country of strangers? Well, the whole concept may sound exciting but challenging at the same time.
Rules, laws, and regulations vary in every country. Talking about Australia, you have to make yourself familiar with everything. After all, their lifestyle and culture are poles apart from the rest of the world. It is a country famous for hot weather, exotic wildlife, mouth-watering barbecue, and a lot more. Thus, before drawing up any decision, take a dig at these seven things to know before seeking Australian immigration.

1. Language Barriers

Life becomes a mess if you cannot get hold of what other people have to say. Do not you know how big of a challenge it is to communicate in France? Everyone’s is talking in French. Luckily, since you are moving to Australia, there will not be any titanic barriers while communicating, if you keep up with basic English language.
Everyone in Australia speaks in English. However, the accent varies since it is not American or British, and rather it’s Australian English accent. Do not worry, and you can get the hang of it by taking some PTE Courses Darwin. Remember, it may reap a few months, but eventually, you would become versed. So, it gives you a green signal when it comes to seeking for Australian immigration, as far as the language is concerned.

2. Overwhelming Weather Conditions

Everyone has a general perception of ‘hot weather’ in Australia. Surprisingly, the weather dynamics are uncertain. You can head over for sunbathing at beaches, while in some cities they also give a choice to go for snow ski. Do you see the versatility of the country?
On the other hand, the majority of the cities in Australia are on fire for six months in the year. The temperature is nothing less than 40-degree Celsius. So, yes you have to prepare yourself for this scorching heat, especially if you’re coming from a colder region. After all, surviving blazing and humid temperature is not a piece of cake.

3. Cultural Differences

The beauty of every country splashes in its culture, and every culture is colorful and distinct from the other. Since you’re moving to Australia, you would come across some significant cultural differences. So, how about we make you familiar with a few of them?

  • Australia is a country of wines and beers, and you would spot wine and beer shops across every street. It won’t be surprising for you until you’re migrating from a Muslim country. Besides, even in other countries, America, London, Germany, you’re not offered beer with your meal, but this a part of Australian culture.
  • Everyone is fond of sports, cricket, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, everything, while popular ones remain rugby and horse racing.
  • Do you know what else? There’s no culture of tipping the waiters. Since it’s Australia is offering workers the highest minimum wage around the globe. It would help you forget about spending extra money on tips.
  • Though it’s very hot most of the time, the trend of gulping coffee is still very strong. All the local citizens refuse to start their day without a cup of coffee.
  • Unlike other countries, there is left-hand side driving in Australia, and similarly, pedestrians have to walk on the left side too. So, make sure to equip yourself well.
  • Have you ever thought about free barbecues? Australia has that for you. Around every corner and parks, you can spot some barbecue stations. After all, Australians love meat due to which the government has come up with the concept of free grilling.

These are a bunch of things which sets Australia apart from the rest of the world. It would take time to adjust in the beginning, but with the time you would surely enjoy these cultural differences.

4. Job Opportunities

The whole idea of immigration is far different from travelling. Thus, you need to consider possible job prospects before seeking Australian immigration. You can begin by taking a dig at a minimum wage rate, the working hours, and the working condition of the workplaces. Besides, you also have to consider your skills and qualification to identify whether you’re fit for jobs or not.
After pulling off this research, it would open your view of many things. Australia is offering the highest minimum wage rate to its workers. If you don’t believe us, 92% of the Australian workers are enjoying their jobs. Unfortunately, this percentage can hardly be found anywhere else in the world.

5. Healthcare

Necessities have to be free of cost, and healthcare is nothing less than a primary need. Private healthcare institutions are nothing but profit mongers. A minor disease can cost you an arm. Therefore, you need to see the demands of healthcare in Australia.
Surprisingly, like some other countries, healthcare is free of cost in Australia. Thus, you don’t have to pinch pennies just because you have fallen sick.

6. Scenic Beaches & Wildlife

Australia can be your ultimate gig if you’re a fan of scenic beaches and wildlife. Usually, the local citizens make their way to beaches very often due to the hot weather conditions. Indeed, as a result of which some of the beaches are teeming with loads of crowd.
Have you not heard of Australia and Kangaroos together? It is because you can expect them like cats and dogs on streets and roads. Besides, the wildlife is insane, and you can catch a glimpse of strange animals never seen before. For instance, deadly spiders, fatal sharks, etc. It can be a thrilling experience if you enjoy animals and nature.

7. Australia is Pricey

Australia is a quite expensive country, especially if you compare it with the rest of the world. If statistics are to be believed, it is the 12th most costly country in the world. Honestly speaking everything is pricey, talking about food, an average meal might take up 15 AUD. The prices for property, houses, or apartments are also touching the sky.
Similarly, even public transport is highly-priced, while owning a car seems like a dream to some people. However, things are a bit easy when you are earning in Australian dollars. Therefore, you have to consider this factor before coming up to any decision.


The entire idea of seeking Australian migrations sounds fantastic until you start considering the facts and figures. Moving to a country of strangers is not a piece of cake, there are so many things to look after. So, before drawing up any decision, take a look at the seven things mentioned above to know before seeking Australian immigration.

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