10 Most Creative Airbnb’s from Around the World

posted by Chris Valentine

Did you know that there are over 6 million Airbnb homes to rent scattered across the globe? And they come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

This makes it easy to find a cozy home to choose while you are traveling. And unlike a hotel, you will get a unique experience out of your stay every time. No home is alike.

For the past 11 years, creative Airbnb’s platform has been giving envious tourists a chance to live like they have always dreamed. From cliffside bungalows, oceanfront mansions, to jungle tree houses, you can find your fantasy home away from home.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most exciting homes listed on Airbnb today to get you your next dream vacation.

1. Desert Earthship

If you ever wanted to camp under the stars in the middle of the desert but lacked the courage, this eco-studio Airbnb is a great compromise.

Located in the wide-open spaces of the southwestern desert outside of Taos, NM, the owner built it by hand to withstand the elements. The structure nestles into the landscape of a sloping hill and large stone boulder.

On the other side of the house, a wall of windows lets in natural light to warm up the house without the use of electricity. This off-the-grid style home also features rain collection for water and a greenhouse to keep you cool and oxygenated.

But, it doesn’t compromise on technology or comfort. Use the WiFi to watch Netflix, get your laundry done with an eco-friendly washer, and relax surrounded by stone in a large luxurious bath tub.

2. Renovated Scottish Castle

If you and a group of friends want to truly play medieval dungeons and dragons than this unique Airbnb can’t be beaten.

Originally from the 12th c., the owner refurbished the castle after left to ruins in the 19th c. Before its facelift, it served as a sanctuary for fleeing monarchs, a battleground, and a secret meeting site for parliament.

Today, its modern style is complete with new window installation, recovered wooden floors, and home-like decor. The bedrooms are equipped to host 14 guests, with a common family room, kitchen, dining hall, and an art gallery.

Its grounds are as grand as the magnificent structure. The 6 acres include a river-led path, and orchard, a herb garden, a large grass area, and a huge driveway for all of your guests.

3. Amsterdam Windmill

It doesn’t get more whimsical than a Dutch windmill among the open air countryside of the Netherlands. Well, how about living inside of one?

Yes, this cute cottage-like windmill makes use of its tiny space with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 bath, a living room, a kitchen, and a garden with amazing farm views. Each space showcases the large wooden beam structure of the mill.

You can even take a peek into the inner workings of the windmill from inside the home. Plus, enjoy the fresh air by renting bikes to explore the area or even take a ride into Amsterdam and a few miles away.

4. Costa Rica Getaway

Looking for the best Airbnd to get away from society with your sweetheart? This Costa Rican love nest provides you with the seclusion of 4 acres of tropical paradise.

The concept is pure Costa Rica with its open-space design, you won’t miss a moment of bird watching. Its structure uses local wood from its floors, walls, and even sinks.  Arenal Volcano lava and natural flagstone finishes the rustic style.

Sit over the man-made lake, enjoy the garden, or take a stroll among the grounds many fruit trees. Or take a trip to the nearest beach about an hour away.

Beware that given the open structure of the house, it is only suitable for teenagers and adults.

5. Southern Charm Tree House

Just minutes from the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, GA., this whimsical getaway will make you think you’re miles from civilization.

This simplistic tree house provides you with everything you need for your mind, body, and spirit as each of the three rooms is dedicated to one.

The sitting room entices the mind with antique knick-knacks and cozy couches. Then walk across the rope bridge to rejuvenate the body with a bed that rolls out onto the scenic balcony. The hammock room nurtures the spirit among the trees.

Hosts share their bathroom next door. And while there is no kitchen, this top Airbnd was the most wished for in 2016 and 2017 for people who want a unique experience.

6. Wyoming Wagon

This is the little wagon with mighty potential to be your most unique Airbnb experience. And although small, this stay has the entire country-side of Wyoming to offer.

The wagon rests on the host’s 65,000-acre ranch that you can choose to explore. They even offer a tour of their property for an extra fee. On your own, you can check out the nearby lake for fishing, or go on a hike and sightsee the many wildlife in the area.

Inside the restored sheep wagon originally from the 1920s is a full-size bed, one optional added bed for guests, cold storage compartments for food, an authentic wood-burning stove with cookware, and a pull-out table that seats four.

Use the stove for heat and lighting or hook up your own generator. Either way, this rustic option isn’t for anyone, but it sure is an adventure.

7. Eco Bali Retreat

The coolest Airbnb’s are located in Bali, Indonesia. In this tropical paradise, you get amazing luxury for a fraction of the price than anywhere else in the world. The cost of living is also low, so you may not want to leave.

Bali houses love to incorporate nature into their design. This eco-hut takes it a step further with an outdoor bathtub and shower. The bamboo hut sits in the middle of your own private garden that is gated and can be locked for privacy.

Prepare to be outdoors most of the time, but it does include a small room with a queen size bed, small sitting area, and a kitchen counter for preparing food and drinks.

The hosts run a bistro and includes breakfast with your stay. Lunch and dinner can also be served and brought to your room to enjoy.

8. Greek Fisherman’s Cave

Experience the Greek Isles like they were meant to be enjoyed by staying in this renovated fisherman’s cave. The house hangs off of the cliff in Caldera in Oia village to provide stunning views of the sea.

The structure of the house resembles the past with smooth curvy walls, reminding you that it is a piece of the island. Its white walls and simplistic design stays true to its origins as well.

It accommodates 5 people with two bedrooms and a pullout couch, and a small fully functional kitchen. The best part of the home is outside where a private hot tub lets you enjoy the sunset views over the sea.

 9. Cancun Seashell House

You might think this house popped straight out of the lost city of Atlantis with its unique seashell architecture. It’s so out of the ordinary that the hosts who live next door could not keep it to themselves.

Two connected parts, or seashells, contain one bedroom each that overlook the private swimming pool. It also includes two and a half baths, a kitchenette, and sitting room, all of which are decorated in everything seashells.

The grounds are gated for privacy and are only 15 minutes from the beach on a golf cart. You can also stay cool in the hot Mexican heat with AC throughout the house.

10. Finland Igloo

If your dream is to sleep in a winter wonderland than this snow-covered igloo won’t disappoint. Yes, this might be your only chance to withstand the elements of an igloo in style.

The igloo is simple yet magical inside with snow designs carved into the walls that glow in the night from the LED lighting. It comes with beds that offer warm sleeping bags, but bring your own winter wear to stay comfortable.

Since it is always negative degrees in the igloo, a warm-up apartment is available to eat, shower, and thaw.  The hosts do offer a self-serve breakfast for guests.

The best part about your Finland adventure is that you may have a chance to see the Northern Lights. And even if you miss them, the open space of the horse ranch provides stunning star gazing opportunities.

Creative Airbnb’s That Keep You Traveling

Hotels can get boring as almost every room looks and feels the same. The most creative Airbnb’s in the world keep you wanting more. They may motivate you to visit a city just for the accommodation.

So, if you are traveling for business or pleasure, you may want to see if there is a host nearby because most likely there will be unique home waiting to be discovered.

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